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 user 2007-07-27 at 2:22:00 pm Views: 79
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    Oki Printing Solutions forecasts desktop inkjet phaseout as MFP market posts explosive growth      
    2007 – Oki Printing Solutions, the global colour printing solutions
    leader, has predicted the phasing out of desktop printers using the
    inkjet technology.

    strong trend is reflected in market figures from technology market
    watcher IDC, the International Data Corporation.’If you’re looking at
    investing in a desktop inkjet printer today, then you have to have
    concerns about ‘future proofing’ your investment,’ said general manager
    of OKI Printing Solutons Middle East John Ross.’The technology is
    showing every sign of entering its last useful phase. Market figures
    are dropping, the value of the machines on the market is dropping,
    manufacturers are consolidating their ranges. Even predictions for
    cartridge sales over the years to come are showing a fast drop-off in
    sales. This is the end for the inkjet.’.

    According to IDC the
    inkjet printer market value in Saudi Arabia and the UAE has dropped
    from Q1 2006 to Q1 2007 by 24%. Figures also show that users are
    overwhelmingly opting for entry level inkjet machines, with over 80% of
    inkjets sold in Q1 2007 priced below $100, compared to 74% in Q1 2006.
    The decline in the inkjet market comes at a time when the total Middle
    East regional printer market is rapidly growing from $70.87 to $88.52
    million.’We urge all businesses to take the smart decision when it
    comes to their printing communications. Companies that are replacing
    their twenty something desktop inkjets with a couple of toner based
    network product are drastically cutting their bills while gaining more
    flexible in house printing that communicates their messages to their
    clients and suppliers in a fast efficient way,’ said Ross.According to
    IDC figures, SMBs are driving the energetic growth of the MFP
    (Multi-Function Printer) market in a global toner based printer market
    worth $60bn. The growth of MFP units is particularly strong at the
    entry level, or Small Office/Home Office area of the market, where
    inkjet printers have traditionally dominated: Saudi Arabia and the UAE
    have seen a year on year increase in the value of the 11-20 page MFP
    market by 146%.’We believe that there is a huge market opportunity
    being opened by the inability of inkjet technologies to remain
    competitive,’ Ross added. ‘Toner based MFP products are now more
    competitive, a stronger long term investment and remain a much less
    expensive technology to operate than inkjet machines. And we’ll be
    delighted to show anyone thinking about an inkjet that Oki’s
    alternative simply makes more sense!’