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    Online Toner Retailer Reveals Six Printing Cartridge Myths
    Supply Outfitters, an online imaging supplies retailer, affirms that
    several myths have misrepresented remanufactured imaging supplies.
    There are six (6) myths about compatible toner cartridge supplies that
    can be debunked by knowing the facts. Generic imaging supplies are a
    benefit to people and the environment because the industry creates
    jobs, reduces energy consumption, trims down discards going to
    landfills and cuts back on manufacturing waste and pollution.Carlsbad,
    Ca August 2007 — Office Supply Outfitters, an online imaging supplies
    retailer, has contributed to the growing success and prevalence of
    compatible brand third party toner and inkjet cartridges in the market
    place.”Several prevalent myths regarding the value of remanufactured
    imaging supplies has discouraged consumers from purchasing and
    benefiting from the use of these recycled products,” says Mike Gardner,
    the company’s president.

    Myth number one:
    Remanufacturers Just Replace the Toner In Cartridges.
    reuse remanufacturers are cheating you and the environment.
    Professional remanufacturers replace every worn or damaged component in
    their cartridges. Expensive imaging drums must be cleaned, tested and
    usually replaced. Charge rollers and other major parts are similarly
    treated. Microchips must be replaced to restore full functioning. Every
    part must be cleaned, examined and eventually replaced.

    Myth number two:
    Remanufacturers Reuse Toner In Their Cartridges.
    they did, none of the cartridges would work! Toner becomes contaminated
    during the printing process by paper dust and electrical charges
    rendering it unusable. Every cartridge model requires a different toner
    formulation. Combining contaminated toners would compound problems.

    Myth number three:
    Defective Toner Cartridges Damage Printers Causing Expensive Repairs.
    Cartridges are largely self-contained and make limited contact with the
    parts of printers. The worst that happens is that toner from a failed
    cartridge must be removed from the printer. All cartridges deposit some
    toner inside of their printers. Properly remanufactured cartridges do
    not damage printers or create more wear than cartridges that are
    properly assembled by or for printer makers. Removing toner deposits is
    part of routine maintenance required to maintain printer warranties.

    Myth number four:
    Empty Cartridges You Return to HP, Lexmark and Others Are Reused.
    20% of empty cartridges are ever recovered by anyone. Independent
    cartridge remanufacturers recover more empty cartridges than all of
    their original makers combined. Millions of empty cartridges inundate
    landfills here and litter rural third world villages. HP/Canon grinds
    them into powders that are then made into pellets for use in making low
    grade plastic products such as CD cases and cups.

    Myth number five:
    Remanufactured Cartridges Are Inferior To New Ones.
    major corporations and independent testing laboratories certify that
    properly remanufactured toner cartridges perform as well or better than
    cartridges made and sold as new by major printer and cartridge
    makers.”Try using remanufactured toner cartridges which now have the
    same quality as new ones at much lower cost”. -M.I.T. News.;
    “Remanufactured toner and ink cartridges will perform as well as or
    better than new ones.” Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board
    -MN.;”Remanufactured toner cartridges compare favorably to new ones in
    terms of print quality and product life – but cost less money.” NYC

    Myth number six:
    Use of Remanufactured Cartridges Will Void Your Printer Warranty.
    trade laws absolutely forbid making use of a specific product a
    condition of a warranty unless the product is provided at no cost to
    the user! Since HP, Canon, Lexmark and others derive their profits from
    cartridge, not printer sales, they will never provide free cartridges!
    Here are the specific Fair Trade Laws – United States: Sherman
    Anti-Trust Act and Magnusson-MossWarranty Improvement Act; United
    Kingdom: WEEE and RoHS Directives; Australia: Federal Practices Act 1974

    About Office Supply Outfitters
    Supply Outfitters has been an online retailer of compatible brand toner
    and inkjet cartridges since January 2001 and occupies office and
    warehouse space in Carlsbad, CA. Sales of their compatible toner are
    available via their website at
    http://www.officesupplyoutfitters.com/lasprinsup.html and all other
    imaging supplies from their home page at