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 user 2007-09-12 at 10:56:00 am Views: 131
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    MFPs overtake lasers as printer market changes shape
    2007 – The printer market is continually reinventing itself. Newer,
    faster and more converged printers are entering the market almost as
    fast as it takes to spew out paper copies.The trend in the traditional
    printer market is moving towards multifunctional products (MFPs) in
    both colour and black-and-white. Based on a study by local research
    company BMI, MFPs grew faster than the printer market in 2006
    year-on-year, at 11.4%, versus 0.04%, which makes the MFP market bigger
    than the traditional laser printer market. Even inkjet technology
    declined 14.91% from 2005 to 2006.

    There is also a growing demand for printer networking, as workgroups can benefit from this.
    colour printers have had the biggest growth over the past year, with a
    whopping 55.64% in printer market share. This can be attributed to
    growth in colour everywhere. No more are there black-and-white TVs, and
    even the CRT is disappearing and users are moving to colour LCD panel
    monitors.Printers are following the trend to colour. And as more
    players are launching colour devices, the option is becoming more
    affordable to end-users who are using colour in documents as a

    Staying ahead of the game
    today have a myriad printer technologies available to them from all
    major vendors. This makes the market very competitive. However, it is
    competition that fuels the market and encourages market growth, demand
    and innovation.Today printers lighten users’ loads through
    time-reducing features, along with dynamic printer driver interfaces.
    MFPs cater for every customer’s need. Ranging from personal
    direct-connect devices and personal copiers to full multifunctional
    network citizens, bringing great value to the office in a reduced
    budget.Integrated MFPs ensure high productivity for everyone in the
    office. No more time is wasted waiting for print and copy jobs. Clean
    sheet digital design means simpler paper paths, better designed user
    interfaces and intuitive feature selection, with no training required.
    And push-button copying, printing, faxing, scanning and e-mail deliver
    simplicity where the user needs it most.Ultimately, what differentiates
    various printer companies is having a wide range of award-winning
    products that provide value to-end users, world-class service,
    performance in productivity, ease of use and value.

    Catering for today’s market
    today’s market there are opportunities in imaging and archival as more
    customers are looking to outsource their work, which presents a huge
    opportunity for global services businesses.There is clearly a demand
    for colour and the short-run printing business is also growing, which
    offers an opportunity for production devices.Apart from the competitive
    price levels in MFP segments, companies in today’s market must offer
    cost control features and cost-saving benefits. These benefits will
    enable customers to reduce costs on paper and telephone charges and
    monitor usage through meter reads. The integrated multifunctional
    design must also enable customers to do their work faster and more
    effectively, thereby improving productivity. Devices mustn’t simply
    print or copy, but they should work together with ERP applications and
    integrate into workflows. Devices should also be Web-enabled.Products
    must ultimately be designed to be productive and cost-effective in
    order to help customers find better ways to do great work.