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 user 2007-10-08 at 9:52:00 am Views: 67
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    The creativity of the inkjet printer is booming.
    are the days when you only used 80gms paper in an inkjet printer now
    there is a vast array of papers and fabrics which can be fed directly
    through an inkjet printer. Businesses and schools and other hobby
    enthusiasts are discovering the artistic ability of the home inkjet
    printer to help them create their own personal media or enhance an
    existing hobby.

    Crafty Computer Paper Ltd is the only company of
    its kind in the UK and Europe and they are on a mission to sell as many
    different kinds of unusual inkjet media as possible. Charlotte Gaisford
    founded the company in 2003 and started trading out of a spare bedroom
    at home. Now the company is turning over ¼ million a year and selling
    specialist inkjet media to customers all over the world via the
    internet.You might think reading this how boring it is to talk about
    computers and art but with the introduction of the digital camera more
    and more people want to display their photos on different media and
    surfaces. They want to make one off projects without having to go to a
    print shop or buy the minimum print run.What are the different types of
    paper available? Here is a description of just a few on offer. One of
    the best sellers is 100% fabric which can be fed through the inkjet
    printer, a backing paper is peeled off and the fabric can then be sewn.
    Boy George used this fabric paper to design his collection at London
    Fashion week 2006. Textile designers, Quilters and fashion designers
    are all enjoying the ability to add their own images and photos to
    fabric. The fabric not only is available in plain cotton but there are
    silk, linen and voile versions too.

    Another paper which sells
    well is the Water-slide decal paper. Crafty Computer Paper has a
    customer category called ‘A Roy’ named after Roy Cropper from
    Coronation Street. This best describes the customer who buys this paper
    to customise their model trains, dinky toys etc… It is like the old
    fashioned water-slide paper which came with model kits many years ago.
    With the introduction of the inkjet version these Roys are in their
    element re-creating their boy hood hobbies once again. Ardent
    Productions is a regular customer and buys this paper to help aid in
    the production of ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and other animations. Because it
    is so versatile and can be applied to almost any hard surface, anything
    can be customised with a photo or text. Nail technicians also buy this
    paper to customise nails and the most unusual request Crafty Computer
    Paper has had was could it be used on a Head Stone.Badges and jewellery
    can be made using the inkjet shrink paper, this is printed off then
    placed in an oven for 2 minutes and the paper turns into a hard three
    dimensional object. Inkjet tattoo paper is popular and many companies
    use it for promotional purposes, it gives the same effect as a real
    tattoo but without the pain.The variety of customers who buy this paper
    is endless from young kids to OAPs. Everybody is using their computer
    to create with and show off their images in different forms. The OAPS
    are the most computer literate and it is not unusual to have an 80 year
    ringing for more information and being very articulate about their
    computer knowledge.The specialist papers and fabric now available is
    endless. Crafty Computer Paper only sells paper they would use
    themselves and insist that it can be used in any home printer. All the
    papers are tested on cheap printers and if it doesn’t go through them
    then they don’t sell it. No specialist knowledge is needed to create
    using the inkjet printer. Crafty Computer Paper’s website has an
    amazing collection of free graphics to download and project ideas with
    free templates.If you are ever wanting to make your Granny a mug with
    your photo on or your dog a bandana, look at the inkjet printer in a
    different light and you will be surprised at what else it can do.