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 user 2007-10-17 at 12:09:00 pm Views: 63
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    HP: Competitive Advantage for Pharmaceutical Industry and Packagers
    HP creates competitive advantage for pharmaceutical industry and packagers with Pharma Black launch
    VEGAS, Oct, 2007 HP yesterday announced that its Specialty Printing
    Systems (SPS) division is extending its digital solutions expertise to
    new platforms with the new HP Pharma Black CB935A Inkjet Print
    Cartridge unveiled at the Pack Expo trade show. Available now for
    incorporation in OEM partner technologies, the product uses FDA-GRAS
    (generally recognized as safe) ingredients for pharmaceutical
    applications, and brings the efficiency of non-contact, variable-data
    printing to pharmaceutical and tablet imprinting processes.
    The new
    thermal inkjet ink cartridge which is compatible with comprehensive HP
    Product Tracking and Authentication (PT&A) solutions for
    supply-chain management – is being shown alongside a range of HP SPS
    solutions at the HP booth, #S-5060, this week at Pack Expo in the Las
    Vegas Convention Center. Also on display at Pack Expo are products
    produced on HP Indigo presses using the company’s first PT&A
    offering, the HP Smart Labels and Packaging Solution.With more than 20
    years of digital printing to HP’s credit, our inkjet expertise enables
    us to break new ground in tablet and capsule imprinting,” said Kathy
    Tobin, vice president and general manager, HP SPS. “With this solution,
    HP sets a new standard by reducing costs, meeting expanding market
    needs and enabling solutions that exceed heightened security

    A new avenue to productivity, simplicity and productivity
    HP Pharma Black CB935A Inkjet Print Cartridge is evidence of HPs
    ability to provide innovative solutions that are simple to use,
    accessible and ensure high quality. The cartridge, which comes in a 20
    cc size, offers production advantages over traditional contact-printing
    on pills and tablets and has other benefits, including:
    # Reduced breakage and contamination with non-contact printing
    # Increased efficiency and reliability, with reduced maintenance intervention and downtime
    # Serialization for product tracking, anti-counterfeiting and prescription/dosage accuracy
    # Compliance with California 2009 “ePedigree” pharmaceutical requirements when used with the HP PT&A Solution
    # Self-contained cartridges for cleaner maintenance and replacement
    # Printing speeds of up to 500 feet per minute at 150 dots per inch (dpi)
    High-quality 600 dpi imaging for precise, uniform printing of variable
    data, barcodes and logos on a variety of dosage-form shapes
    # Ready-to-use formulation with no solvents to mix or handle.

    SPS partner inc.jet and the Efficient Automated Machine Corporation
    (EAM) are showing the first application of HP Pharma Black in the HP
    booth – the new Non-Contact Programmable Tablet-Printing Solution.
    Capable of printing up to one million tablets per hour with 100-percent
    vision inspection for quality control, this product incorporates the HP
    Pharma Black CB935A cartridge, an inc.jet imager, and EAM’s
    tablet-printing product design in a single, turnkey tablet-printing
    solution. EAM vice president John Kawochka, who has more than 31 years
    of pharmaceutical experience, managed the design and development of the
    Tablet-Printing Solution for use with the cartridge ink system from
    inc.jet and HP.Our goals are to provide high quality print, robust
    modeling in data matrix, and precise handling capabilities with the
    highest technical safeguards available today, said Kawochka. “EAM is
    very excited to have formed such a strong relationship with companies
    that are as knowledgeable in printing as inc.jet and HP .HP PT&A
    Solutions like HP Pharma Black provide traceability and secure product
    tracking and authentication capabilities throughout the pharmaceutical
    value chain – for all product package levels from unit dose (e.g.,
    tablet or vial) to the pallet level