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 user 2007-10-23 at 10:22:00 am Views: 56
  • #19083

    US alleges Chinese trade barriers
    US is seeking a World Trade Organization (WTO) probe over whether
    Chinese rules over imports of copyrighted US goods break trade rules.

    to the US, Chinese barriers to imports of legal US films, books and
    music have prompted a surge in fakes.The US is asking the WTO to set up
    a panel to investigate further, after direct talks with China
    failed.This is the fourth time the US has asked a WTO panel to resolve
    what is sees as unfair Chinese trade barriers.The latest request argues
    that restrictions on US imports of copyrighted goods in China break
    rules that apply to China as a WTO member.

    Piracy complaint
    US wants to eliminate Chinese import and internal distribution barriers
    that “significantly hamper the ability of US publishers and producers
    of audio-visual products to get their legitimate products into the
    Chinese marketplace under normal market conditions”.As well as breaking
    WTO rules, the US says the limits are a breach of rules under the
    General Agreement on Tariffs (GAAT) and the General Agreement on Trade
    in Services (GATS).The latest move comes after the WTO launched a
    formal probe, following a US complaint about piracy in China in
    September, to examine claims that Beijing failed to tackle
    counterfeiting.China’s failure to apply copyright laws has caused US
    software, music and book publishers to lose billions of dollars in
    sales, the US alleged.