*NEWS* EPSON’s NEW $ 184.00 INK

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*NEWS* EPSON’s NEW $ 184.00 INK

 user 2007-11-05 at 10:34:00 am Views: 61
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    ConeColor inks for Epson pro printers
    Cone, who for years has been producing the Piezography BW fine-art
    black-and-white ink sets for Epson printers, this week announced a set
    of replacement inks for Epson’s Stylus Pro 4800, 7800 and 9800
    printers, along with refillable cartridges for the ink. According to
    Jon, ConeColor inks have been formulated to match the UltraChrome K3
    ink set used in those printers, letting you can use the inks with
    Epson’s existing ICC profiles, while still saving significantly over
    Epson’s ink pricing.

    A 1-liter bottle of ink is $184, which
    means that ConeColor’s 18.4 cents per milliliter cost is considerably
    less than Epson’s 50.9 cents per milliliter pricing for its 220ml
    non-replaceable cartridges (Epson’s ink cost is 63.6 cents per
    milliliter for the smaller 110ml cartridges). Cone’s new refillable
    220ml cartridges, which are made of clear plastic, are available in a
    set of eight for $390 .

    replacement cartridges
    Given Jon’s
    history, I have no doubt that these inks are high quality, although I
    would imagine that anyone printing at this level would want to create
    their own ICC profiles for the papers that they’re using, regardless of
    how close in fidelity the inks are to Epson’s originals. Note, too,
    that these inks will not work with the most recent Epson Stylus Pro
    printers that use the Vivid Magenta inks, the Stylus Pro 4880, 7880,
    9880 and 11880.

    It would also be good to see Wilhelm Research
    (or similar) data confirming that prints made from ConeColor have
    archival life comparable to the UltraChrome K3 inks. Jon says that he
    is using nearly identical pigment technology to that of Epson, and that
    the print longevity should be comparable.

    And, while his
    company, InkJet Mall, isn’t making cartridges for Epson’s desktop
    archival printer, the Stylus Photo R2400, Jon says that the ConeColor
    inks should be compatible with third-party continuous ink systems (CIS)
    or refillable ink cartridges, which would be a boon for folks who print
    a lot, but are hamstrung by the high cost per milliliter of the R2400
    ink. I don’t have a lot of experience with many of the CIS products on
    the market today, but you can start with InkRepublic, Lyson and MIS
    Associates. (Remember that using third-party inks and systems can
    potentially void your printer’s warranty….THIS IS OVIOUSLY NOT TRUE
    & ILLEGAL)