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 user 2007-11-20 at 3:21:00 pm Views: 77
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    IBM and Ricoh introduce their daughter company in Russia
    Solutions Company, the join venture of IBM and Ricoh, has started
    operating in the Russian market of printing machines. In the near
    future the company hopes its rate of development to be twice as high as
    the market, so that finally it manages to occupy 30% of the hi-end
    segment. Infoprint Solutions believes telecommunications company, the
    public sector and banks might become its key corporate customers.

    companies IBM and Ricoh say their joint venture InfoPrint Solutions
    Company to start operating in Russia. The new joint venture is to
    provide the clients with modern solutions for industrial, corporate and
    commercial printing systems for companies of different size from small
    enterprises to large corporations.It should be noted InfoPrint
    Solutions was founded by IBM and Ricoh. It has started operating in
    July 1st 2007. The company has resulted from 20 years of Ricoh and IBM
    Printing Systems Division cooperation in comprehensive solutions
    development for commercial and industrial press. 51% and 49% in
    InfoPrint Solutions Company are owned by Ricoh and IBM. Ricoh intends
    to acquire the remaining 49% in the company in the coming three years.
    Thus, InfoPrint Solutions Company will become Ricoh 100% daughter
    company. InfoPrint Solutions Company is curently operating in 36

    InfoPrint Solutions intends to develop comprehensive
    hi-end solutions. The company is entering the Russian market with the
    printing machines InfoPrint 5000, InfoPrint 4100 and InfoPrint 2000,
    which correspond to modern industrial requirements by printing quality,
    data processing, the printing process management, reliability,
    simplicity in exploitation and servicing. The company intends to
    provide comprehensive solutions for the telecommunications and
    financial sectors, publishing business, education and industry.
    InfoPrint Solutions identifies telecom, the public sector and finance
    as the three key directions in Russia.

    ‘The Russian economy rate
    of development, especially the financial and telecommunications
    sectors, is currently the highest in the world, Alexey Ivashenko,
    InfoPrint Solutions Sales Manager, in Russia says. – That results in
    acute demand in comprehensive solutions regarding the industrial and
    commercial press. We intend to make use of the favorable market
    situation and grow by no less than 30% a year’. InfoPrint Solutions
    estimates the demand for hi-end machines in Russia as high, while the
    annual growth rate of the market is estimated at 12-15% till 2010.
    According to Alexey Ivashenko, the company’s final aim is to occupy 30%
    in the hi-end machines market.Initially InfoPrint Solutions plans to
    use the distribution network and specialists, who have left IBM Russian
    Office for InfoPrint Solutions, in the Russian market. However, in the
    near future the company intends to expand its partnership network to
    distribute the printing systems. Global Financing, IBM subdivision,
    intends to continue providing Infoprint Solutions, its customers and
    business partners with financial services. Besides, IBM is responsible
    for the printing equipment installation, set up, and further servicing.
    According to Tony Romero, InfoPrint Solutions Executive Director, the
    company intends to invest into technologies and innovations, the
    quality of servicing. The company plans to raise the sales system and
    servicing efficiency.

    According to IT Research, in 2007 first
    half the volume of the Russian market of printing machines (printers
    and desktop multifunctional devices) came to 2.2 mln. units having
    exceeded last year’s indices by 13.4%. The total market volume in money
    terms exceeds $480 mln. ‘The sales gain in money terms turned out to be
    higher at the expense of the increase in demand for laser devices, -
    Vasily Mochar, IT Research Vice President explains. – All the main
    devices segments continue developing except the inkjet printer segment,
    which suffers from the recession. The customary inkjet printers are
    pressed out by multifunctional devices, which have been dominating the
    market recently’. The laser and inkjet multifunctional device segments
    have grown by 51.2% and 49.7% relatively, as compared to 2006 first
    half. Laser printer segment went up by 11%, matrix printers by 0.5%,
    while the sales of the inkjet printers fell down by 27.8%.’The demand
    for laser printers continues growing, but because of the
    multifunctional devices the demand structure has changed. The printers
    of the initial level and for working groups are in demand, while the
    sales of personal printers for offices have gone down’, – Vasily Mochar
    highlights.In 2007 first half the Top-three in the Russian market of
    printing machines is presented by the companies Canon, Hewlett-Packard
    and Samsung, like in 2006 first half.