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    HP Launches New Improved Black Ink Formula      
    2007 – HP has announced a new and improved black ink formula for use in
    selected print cartridges from August 2007. The enhanced HP Vivera
    black pigment ink will deliver darker laser-quality text and improved
    resistance to highlighter pen smear, making it ideal for printed
    reports, articles, correspondence and promotional materials.Designed
    for owners of printers using existing HP Inkjet print cartridges, the
    new ink will be available with HP 132, 131, 130, 129 and 140 and 140XL
    black inkjet cartridges with HP Vivera Inks, and will be available for
    use across a range of hardware.

    HP’s advanced printing
    technology ensures that each document printed creates a sharp,
    professional impression. It deposits densely packed ink drops on the
    surface of the paper so that the text will not feather and the colour
    will not bleed. When tested across 31 media types, including HP and
    non-HP papers, new and improved HP Vivera black pigment ink was 13
    percent darker than previous HP inks. This improvement was even more
    dramatic when used with HP office media, which demonstrated that the
    new HP Vivera black ink displayed up to 25 percent darker black text
    when printed on HP Multipurpose Media and HP Office Media.

    new and improved black ink also offers greater resistance to
    highlighter pen smear, and the clarity and sharpness of the new ink
    customers can draw attention to important information while keeping
    numbers and letters easy to read.Plus, pigment inks dry quickly and
    resist water, making it easy to use and store important papers.
    Documents, awards and legal materials resist fading for decades,
    helping to meet legal storage requirements.This new black pigment ink
    is part of HP’s line of Vivera inks. These inks are uniquely designed
    to meet the distinct needs of a variety of printing applications, from
    photo and everyday home printing to professional photography, fine art,
    graphics and office printing. The careful design and engineering of HP
    Vivera inks, inkjet cartridges, printers, and everyday and specialty
    papers assure HP customers of a convenient, reliable solution that is
    tailored to address their specific printing needs.