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 user 2008-01-15 at 11:33:00 am Views: 77
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    IBM, Pitney-Bowes, others give free green patents
    2008 WASHINGTON  – International Business Machines Corp, Pitney Bowes
    Inc and other major companies will allow free use of 31 patents
    designed to reduce pollution, the pro-ecology World Business Council
    for Sustainable Development announced on Monday.IBM, which is
    spearheading the plan, is donating 27 patents to the Eco-Patent
    Commons, which will be maintained by the World Business Council.

    of the patents is for a cardboard packaging that replaces styrofoam
    peanuts.”It’s strong enough to protect a sensitive instrument but
    lighter and takes up less space,” said IBM spokesman Steven Malkiewicz.
    “It’s clearly more economical if you look at the bigger picture.”IBM
    has a huge patent portfolio, with 3,148 granted last year alone,
    according to IFI Patent Intelligence.

    Pitney Bowes gave two
    patents. One extends the life of electronic scales to keep them out of
    landfills while the other is an ink jet technology that economizes on
    ink, said spokesman Matt Broder.Pitney Bowes was looking at its 3,400
    patents to see if others could be donated. “We’ve got a huge patent
    portfolio. These were easy to pick off the shelf,” he said.Sony and
    Nokia each donated one patent, said the business council.