Seeking Employment in Southern California

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Seeking Employment in Southern California

 user 2008-01-24 at 11:35:00 pm Views: 66
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    Dear All,

    I Tony Zulmai am no loner employed with Trading Connection, Inc. I would like to take a minute and thank my wonderful friend and colleague Mrs. Paulette Edery for her support and team work over the years. It sure has been a pleasure working with her.

    I would also like to thank all of my customers, vendors, advertisers and everyone in this industry who I have worked with over the years.

    I am presently not in this industry but would like to be due to my experience which has been about ten years now. I am seeking employment in Southern California.  I can be reach at the phone number or the email address below. Please get intouch with me, this could be a good start for both of us. I have love, dedication and experience in this industry to bring to your respectable company.