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 user 2008-01-30 at 4:13:00 pm Views: 68
  • #19176

    Help the environment and support the animals
    saline county arkansas It’s
    a new year and if you’re trying to reduce waste and clean out your
    clutter the Humane Society of Saline County can help! It gets even
    better! You can support the homeless animals at the same time.Last year
    more than 30 million cell phones were tossed or replaced!

    of us have old cell phones sitting around or are planning are getting
    the “new and improved” versions – bring your old cell phones over to
    the Humane Society.The animal shelter collects the cell phones, sends
    them to a recycling company and earns funds to benefit the dogs and
    cats at the facility.

    Wondering what to do with your empty
    printer cartridges? Last year more than 300 million cartridges were
    thrown away! The Humane Society collects them, sends them to a
    recycling company and earns funds to benefit the animals.Do you have
    garage sale items that are piling up and you just don’t want to deal
    with them any more? The Humane Society can help – the volunteers will
    hold a yard sale in April to benefit the animals. Items are being
    accepted now.Drop off tax-deductible items at the Humane Society of
    Saline County, 7600 Bauxite Highway, Bauxite.It is open from noon to 4,
    Tuesday through Saturday