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    To succeed in business, going ‘green’ is a competitive advantage
    LaserNetworks provides steps for businesses to reduce costs and be better environmental stewards
    ONTARIO – Jan.  2008 – Good business practices embrace environmental
    responsibility. In fact, a recent article published by the National
    Post, suggested that for businesses to succeed in this era,
    environmental stewardship is not an option, it’s a must.For many
    companies, the motivation to get started exists but questions about
    feasibility and profitability loom large bringing caution and
    hesitation about implementing changes. At first glance, it seems
    difficult for a business to become environmentally responsible and
    maintain financial viability.”The task of becoming a good environmental
    steward is large, but manageable if broken down into small steps that
    are easy to navigate,” says Chris Stoate, President of LaserNetworks®,
    Canada’s leading print solutions company. “Making the environment a
    priority with a clear and comprehensive environmental strategy is a
    good place to start.”

    From their beginning in 1987,
    LaserNetworks® has modeled environmental responsibility and has had the
    objective to give customers the flexibility to make
    environmentally-friendly choices that reduce environmental impact and
    carbon footprint.As Canada’s leading print solutions company, providing
    environmentally friendly print solution services and products to
    virtually every sized company across Canada and continental USA
    including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, major chartered
    banks, and large law firms, LaserNetworks® is proof that companies can
    be both environmentally responsible and profitable.”One easy step for
    organizations is to look at their large volume consumables, such as
    paper and toner, and consider the reduction possibilities,” says Chris
    Stoate. “For example, LaserNetworks® has recently decided to
    exclusively offer the REFLEXION brand of remanufactured toner
    cartridges because they’re known to reduce the carbon footprint by 74
    per cent – a small change that brings substantial environmental impact
    and at less cost than regular toner.”

    Approximately 97 per cent
    of the combined components (plastic, metal, rubber, paper, foam, and
    toner) in the toner cartridge can be recycled. If it isn’t, the
    plastic, made of engineering-grade polymers, takes at least 1,000 years
    to decompose.A study by PE International showed that REFLEXION toner
    cartridges reduce CO2 emissions by 74 per cent, global warming by 76
    per cent, ozone depletion by 72 per cent, and provide energy savings of
    70 per cent.”We’re excited about being able to offer clients desiring
    to be better corporate stewards, a product such as REFLEXION that does
    so much to preserve our environment,” says Chris Stoate. “Environmental
    reductions such as these are an example of the small, simple steps
    companies can take, to become better environmental stewards – a small
    step perhaps, but multiplied by the number of businesses in North
    America, the significance is huge.”