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    The Printer Market Continues to Flourish in China as Price Cuts Trigger Purchasing Frenzy
    FEB 2008 — CCID Consulting, China’s leading research, consulting and
    IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm
    listed in Hong Kong recently released its article on the printer market
    continuing to flourish and price cuts triggering purchasing frenzy.

    to the statistical data of CCID Consulting, 5.7979 millions of printers
    were sold in China during the first 3 quarters of 2007, up by 4.5% over
    the same period of the previous year. However, the growth rate was much
    lower than that of the same period of the previous year. Market sales
    grew steadily during the first 3 quarters of 2007, indicating that more
    consumers chose to make purchases at a later period as falling prices
    were expected.As to specific products, the performance of ink jet
    printers was moderate with the sales volume keeping at almost the same
    level as that of 2006, but commercial ink jet printers still sold well.
    Laser printers continued their rapid growth momentum. According to CCID
    Consulting’s statistical data, 1.3095 million laser printers were sold
    in China during the first 3 quarters of 2007, up by 13.6% over the same
    period of the previous year. Market sales were boosted by falling
    prices and the increasing performance-to-price ratio of products.

    the present status and development characteristics of China’s printer
    market, CCID Consulting predicts China’s future printer market
    development as follows:Networking is the development trend of laser
    printers. Along with the development of on-line printing and the price
    cuts of network printers, the medium and small-sized office users will
    start purchasing network printers in order to lower the printing costs
    and improve office productivity.User demand diversification would boost
    a new round of printer market subdivisions. The rapid development of
    color laser printers and photo printers as well as commercial ink jet
    printers and the appearance of thermal-wax transfer printers boded the
    coming of a new round of subdivision of printers. This trend will be
    boosted by the continuing diversification of user demand.The growing
    print load of enterprises encourages product replacement and updating.
    The load of printers is growing, owing to the increasing printing
    demands of enterprises. This is quickening the rate of product
    elimination, driving the sales of new printers and boosting printer
    market development.The services at different levels could be provided
    along with market segmentation. In China’s printer market, the
    different demands of the industrial market and the home market would
    lead to different service demands. However, the service demands at
    different levels in certain region would also be differentiated
    gradually.Industrial users require manufacturers to provide specific
    and valuable services, while home users want to get standard and
    convenient services. Users in first-level cities and developed areas
    require standard, specific, professional, valuable and active services
    as the service network and service management of the manufacturers are
    relatively mature. Those at second or third-level cities and
    underdeveloped areas require convenient, timely and reliable services.

    About CCID Consulting
    Consulting Co., Ltd. the first Chinese consulting firm listed in the
    Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange  of Hong Kong is
    directly affiliated to the China Center for Information Industry
    Development (hereinafter known as “CCID Group”). Headquartered in
    Beijing, CCID Consulting has set up branch offices in Shanghai,
    Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Harbin, with over 300 professional consultants
    and industry experts. The company’s business covers over 200 large and
    medium-sized cities in China. Apart from home market development, CCID
    Consulting establishes international cooperation links across the
    United States, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe with agents in the
    U.S., Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Italy and Russia, with
    the aim of going global.