IMMIGRATION RAID ON Micro Solutions …..

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IMMIGRATION RAID ON Micro Solutions …..

 user 2008-02-09 at 4:47:00 pm Views: 96
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    Immigration Raid on Toner Company
    Authorities raid Southern California printer supply company
    FEB 08 LOS
    ANGELES – More than 100 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents
    raided a printer supply manufacturer in the San Fernando Valley on
    Thursday, taking into custody about 120 employees for being in the
    country illegally and arresting eight on federal criminal charges,
    authorities said.

    The raid at the offices of Micro Solutions
    Enterprises began around 3:30 p.m., said Virginia Kice, an ICE
    spokeswoman, who said the basis for the criminal warrant that led to
    the raid was under seal.

    The eight people were arrested for allegedly providing fraudulent information to get their jobs, Kice said.

    of the 120 people taken into custody for illegal immigration status
    were interviewed for what Kice called “humanitarian issues.” About 40,
    including the elderly and those with children, were released to await a
    hearing before an immigration judge, Kice said.

    Approximately 80 more remained in the custody of immigration officials for potential deportation.

    The American Civil Liberties Union said it is offering free legal representation to anyone taken into custody.

    very concerned that people who were detained be given the opportunity
    to meet with a lawyer who can advise them of their rights,” said ACLU
    lawyer Ahilan Arulanantham. “Some of them may be eligible for release
    on bond.”

    Arulanantham said ACLU attorneys who rushed to the scene of the raid were not allowed to talk to detainees.

    Solutions Enterprises, which manufactures and distributes toner
    cartridges, inkjets and other printer accessories, is family owned and
    operates facilities in California, Pennsylvania, Mexico and Canada,
    according to its Web site.

    A message left after hours with the company was not immediately returned