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 user 2008-02-15 at 1:23:00 pm Views: 67
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    HP shacks up with World Wildlife Fund, joins Climate Savers
    certainly has been a heavy month for Hewlett-Packard green tech news.
    The company’s latest love-note to the environment comes in the form of
    its decision to join the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers program.

    a summit this week in Tokyo, HP promised to cut greenhouse gas
    emissions from the company’s operations by 6 million tons below its
    2005 levels by the year 2010. The company also said it will reduce
    energy consumption from its operations by 15 percent compared with that
    same year. And, in what could become an interesting future selling
    differentiation for its technology, HP will focus on cutting the energy
    used by its products AND its operations overall by 25 percent by 2010.
    It previously had focused on a 20 percent reduction, which it almost
    reached by October of last year. I’m honestly not sure what the other
    big hardware manufacturers have promised, but I’m sure they’ll get
    around to telling me after this post is up for a day or two.While I’m
    still on the subject of HP, an addendum to my post a couple weeks ago
    about the recycled materials being used in some of its inkjet
    cartridges. I spoke with Scott Canonico, manager of environmental
    policy and strategy for HP as it relates to the cartridge business.

    mused in that post about whether or not any of the cartridges that I
    diligently turn in for recycling are reused. In the sense that they are
    refilled and remarketed, the answer is a big fat NO. Canonico says that
    HP’s cartridges are really only intended for a single use. However, the
    company continues to research how to use higher and higher content of
    recycled plastics in its inkjet cartridges. So, as more of this
    material creeps into the product line, a larger number of the recycled
    containers will be recycled and reused (as distinct from refilled). In
    2008, Canonico says the company will use about double the amount of
    recycled plastics it used last year, or approximately 10 million pounds.