WHO IS ……………www.eezytrade.co.uk

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WHO IS ……………www.eezytrade.co.uk

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    Businesses Could Save Thousands On Office Consumables
    average business in the UK could be spending too much on office
    consumables, according to a study initiated by Eezytrade into the
    current makeup of the consumables market and the way in which office
    consumables are purchased. Edinburgh, UK, 8 February 2008 – - The
    average business in the UK could be spending too much on office
    consumables like printer paper, ink cartridges ( http://www.eezytrade.co.uk/ )
    and toner, as a result of outdated purchasing methods and lax staff
    control measures, according to a study from online retailer Eezytrade.

    ( http://www.eezytrade.co.uk/ ), who themselves retail branded ink cartridges
    and toner amongst other office consumables, suggest that many offices
    and home print users have yet to realise the cost savings that can be
    achieved through buying online and buying in bulk, which could end up
    saving hundreds of pounds a year for small businesses, and far more
    depending on the scale of the individual printing operation.According
    to the study, most businesses continue to negotiate their printer
    supplies through offline suppliers in line with established procurement
    policies. However, by switching to online providers businesses could
    benefit from lower retail prices and delivery costs without sacrificing
    quality or reliability when it’s time to reorder.The study also found
    that as a rule smaller offices tended to be more efficient with their
    use of printer related consumables whilst larger organisations with
    more significant printer networks actually reported a decline in
    efficiency, thought to be as a result of lax print management policies
    and print control techniques in more substantially staffed
    businesses”By adopting simple changes to the way in which businesses
    buy and use their consumables, there really is the potential to save
    hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a yearly basis,” said John
    Pickering of Eezytrade.”By introducing more rigorous printer management
    protocols and simply buying from an online supplier, businesses could
    cut out the expenses associated with wastage and buying from
    traditional operators and receive the same high quality produce for
    much less than they are paying at present.”
    Eezytrade (
    http://www.eezytrade.co.uk/ ) is an online retailer of branded, quality print
    cartridges and toner base, supplying a broad range of consumable
    products for home and office use. Supplying offices across the world
    with print consumables, Eezytrade has become synonymous with
    reliability and value for money over the last few years as it continues
    to grow its market share in the consumables industry.

    tel 0845 6449 428
    fax 0870 0056 904