color toner powder on sale

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color toner powder on sale

 user 2008-02-22 at 9:50:00 pm Views: 78
  • #21292

    LG color toner powder is available, pleaes contact me for pricing and for more items. Please Email to

    It could be changed the packing according to your requested.

    Brand Model Spec. For use on
    HP HP2500(BK) 1Kg/bag HP1500/2500/2550/EP87£¨LBP2410£©
    HP2500(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP1500/2500/2550/EP87£¨LBP2410£©
    HP2600(BK) 1Kg/bag HP2600/1600/2605
    HP2600(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP2600/1600/2605
    HP3700(BK) 1Kg/bag HP3500/3700
    HP3700(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP3500/3700
    HP4500(BK) 1Kg/bag HP4500/4550/LBP2040/EP-83
    HP4500(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP4500/4550/LBP2040/EP-83
    HP5500(BK) 1Kg/bag HP5500/EP86
    HP5500(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP5500/EP86
    HP4600(BK) 1Kg/bag HP4600/LBP2710/EP85
    HP4600(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP4600/LBP2710/EP85
    HP8500(BK) 1Kg/bag HP8500/EP82/LBP2160/2200/2300
    HP8500(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag HP8500/EP82/LBP2160/2200/2300
    SAMSUNG CLP500(BK) 1Kg/bag CLP500/500N/510
    CLP500(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag CLP500/500N/510
    CLP300(BK) 1Kg/bag CLP300
    CLP300(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag CLP300
    EPSON  C900(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON C900/C1900/C1000/C2000
    C900(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON C900/C1900/C1000/C2000
    C8000(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON C8000/C8200
    C8000(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON C8000/C8200
    C8600(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON C8500/C8600
    C8600(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON C8500/C8600
    9000C(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON LP7000C/9000C
    9000C(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON LP7000C/9000C
    9500C(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON LP9500C
    9500C(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON LP9500C
    C1100(BK) 1Kg/bag EPSON C1100/CX-11/4100
    C1100(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag EPSON C1100/CX-11/4100
    CANON 2360(BK) 1Kg/bag LBP2160/2260/2360/660/460
    2360(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag LBP2160/2260/2360/660/460
    CLC5000(BK) 1Kg/bag Canon CLC5000+/5100/3900/3900+/4000
    CLC5000(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag Canon CLC5000+/5100/3900/3900+/4000
    CLC3100(BK) 1Kg/bag Canon CLC1000/1000s/2400/3100
    CLC3100(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag Canon CLC1000/1000s/2400/3100
    EXV8(BK£© 1Kg/bag iRC3200/3220
    EXV8(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag iRC3200/3220
    EXV9(BK£© 1Kg/bag iRC3100C/3100N
    EXV9(C£© 1Kg/bag iRC3100C/3100N
    EXV10(BK£© 1Kg/bag iRC6800C/6800CN
    EXV10(C)(M)(Y) 1Kg/bag iRC6800C/6800CN



    Tel: 86-756-8630648

    Cellphone: 86-13823003598