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 user 2008-02-25 at 2:19:00 pm Views: 59
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    Kodak and Xerox push kiosks
    They hope to cash in on growing photo printing market
    2008) — Decked out in Kodak yellow and silvery gray and topped with a
    touch-screen monitor, the boxy photo kiosk at the CVS drugstore on Mt.
    Hope Avenue looks like a kitchen stove out of The Jetsons.And it can
    put customers’ digital images on just about anything, from standard
    prints and greeting cards to photo books and calendars.Two of
    Rochester’s major employers, Eastman Kodak Co. and Xerox Corp., are
    banking on such photo kiosks to churn out big bucks for them. The two
    companies are in Las Vegas this week for the Photo Marketing
    Association’s 2008 international trade show, the photo imaging
    industry’s annual confab. Both hope to make a big splash in a rapidly
    growing field.The specialty photo printing market — including
    everything from calendars to customized trading cards — is expected to
    grow nearly 25 percent a year through 2010, hitting $800 million in
    revenue, according to the market research firm InfoTrends.A 2007 report
    on the U.S. photo industry by PMA Marketing Research found that the
    photo book market was on course to triple in size from 2005, with
    expectations for even more growth in 2008.

    Xerox will share a
    booth at the trade show with partner Fujifilm USA, a subsidiary of
    Japanese photo giant Fujifilm Corp., as they pitch such products as a
    Fuji photo kiosk using a Xerox Phaser or DocuColor printer.This week,
    Xerox also announced its new “Picture Me Profitable Kit” — a collection
    of guides, templates and reference materials for photo labs and
    retailers to help them design and produce specialty photo products they
    can then turn out on Xerox printers.

    And FujiFilm announced
    earlier this month that the Ritz Camera Centers chain, with roughly
    1,000 sites nationwide, would start using Xerox Phaser 7760 color laser
    printers to produce photo books, calendars and greeting cards through
    the in-store kiosks or the Ritz Web site.

    Kodak, meanwhile, is
    unveiling a variety of products at the trade show, including its DL2100
    printer for use in photo kiosks to turn consumers’ digital photos into
    two-sided calendars, photo books and greeting cards immediately instead
    of necessitating a return visit for pickup.The company also will
    introduce its G4X kiosk, which, when paired with a DVD burner, can turn
    out a DVD featuring photos and music from original artists in a few
    minutes.With 90,000 locations nationwide, Kodak dominates the photo
    kiosk market, said Rowan Lawson, worldwide marketing director for
    Kodak’s retail systems solutions.The lineup of companies in Las Vegas
    reads like a who’s who in digital imaging, including Hewlett-Packard
    Co., Nikon Inc. and Sony Electronics Inc.”PMA is a great opportunity to
    stand out,” Lawson said.”All of the right people, whether they’re big
    customers down to small … stores, they’re all there.”