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    Prices of Printer Consumables Have Dipped in the Past Years, Most
    Suppliers Will Raise Their Export Prices in 2008 According to the
    Latest China Sourcing Report
    Ireland–Based on in-factory tours More than 80 percent of the world’s
    supply of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges are China made.
    Despite facing legal issues in the US, the industry is moving
    full-steam ahead with majority of manufacturers expanding production by
    at least 20 percent.You can profit this booming market with your very
    own copy of this in-depth report.

    China’s printer consumable
    industry has been greatly affected by the recent ink cartridge patent
    infringement case, also known as the “337 investigation”, filed by
    Seiko Epson Corp. The case was filed against 24 aftermarket ink
    cartridge suppliers in China, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea and the
    US. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a General
    Exclusion Order, apart from a Limited Exclusion Order and a Cease and
    Desist Order, prohibiting the importation of all infringing ink

    As China supplies 80 percent of the global shipment
    of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges, suppliers are now
    inclined to avoid the US market and concentrate instead on export
    markets without ongoing patent infringement investigations. Some makers
    are also shifting production to toner cartridges, which is a growing
    market due to the rising popularity of laser printers.Apart from the
    legal debacle, China suppliers face the challenges of keeping up in
    terms of innovation, obtaining their own patents and adapting to
    changing market dynamics.China’s supplier base currently stands at 150
    makers. Although newcomers are continuously joining the line, severe
    competition has forced small-scale suppliers out. As the majority of
    China makers offer OEM service mainly for overseas customers, their
    focus in the coming years will be on exports of OBM products.

    The following are some of the key trends in China’s printer consumables industry:
    In order to be more competitive, China suppliers realize they need to
    obtain their own patents to protect their intellectual property rights
    and avoid patent issues in international markets. However, very few
    suppliers are ready to do so.
    - The wider availability of color
    toners and parts will allow China suppliers to start offering
    non-remanufactured color toner cartridges in the future. Currently,
    suppliers do not have the capability to produce non-remanufactured
    color toner cartridges.
    - Production of compatible and
    remanufactured ink and toner cartridges for major printer brands will
    continue in 2008, with greater emphasis on toner cartridges.
    Remanufactured cartridges will be a key product development priority,
    in addition to increasing print yield, improving color tone and
    clarity. The capability to develop print heads, ink, IC designs and
    toner powder in-house will also be major product development goals.
    - Although prices of printer consumables have dipped in the past years, most suppliers will raise their export prices in 2008.

    Companies Mentioned: In-depth profiles
    - Hueway Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd
    - Huiwei Corp
    - K. Turbo Industry Co. Ltd
    - Ninestar Image Co. Ltd
    - Ourway Image Co. Ltd
    - Shenzhen Inkbank Digital Consumable Co. Ltd
    - Shenzhen Zhanming Technology Co. Ltd
    - Sinobase Network Technology Ltd
    - Uni-1 Technology Ltd
    - Union Technology International (M.C.O.) Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Gree Magneto-Electric Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Imaging
    - Products Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Warmth Electronic Co. Ltd

    Short profiles
    - CN Manufacturing Ltd
    - Dalian Strong & Shenzhen Strong Boto Tec Co. Ltd
    - Donggang Fine Chemical Tech. Co. Ltd
    - Ecasper Electronic HK Co. Ltd
    - Foshan Hyson Offi ce Equipment Co. Ltd
    - Hongsam Digital Color Co. Ltd
    - Kingnote Digital (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
    - Lanyand Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
    - Mito Color Imaging Co. Ltd
    - Print-Pro (HK) Ltd
    - Shenzhen E-Sky Technology Co. Ltd
    - Shenzhen Leputai Technology Co. Ltd
    - Shenzhen Microtec Technology Co. Ltd
    - Shenzhen NXY Technology Co. Ltd
    - Summit (Zhongshan) Enterprise Pte. Ltd
    - Taip Technology Ltd
    - Unitron Electronics Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai DOIT International Digital Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Great-toner Print Consumables Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Kediya Printer Consumables Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Mingjia Electronics Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Polytoner Image Co. Ltd
    - Zhuhai Richeng Development Co. Ltd

    For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c84091