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    US Specialty Printing Consumables Market to Reach US$19.4 Billion by 2010
    San Jose, California — US Specialty Printing Consumables market is forecast to maintain a CAGR of 5.86% over the 2000-2010 period to reach US$19.4 billion by 2010. Inks and Toners  dominate the US market for Specialty Printing Consumables, with a share estimated at 74.5% in 2007, while Specialty Substrates  is projected to emerge as the fastest growing segment, with a CAGR of 9.7% over 2000-2010.

    Although the market potential for these specialized products is increasing, the printing industry as a whole is facing several critical issues. The waning number of publishing and printing institutions due to proliferation of Internet could pin down the profits within specialty consumables. Moreover, continued effort from consumers to reduce consumable expenses is creating an incompatible environment to increase the prices of consumables.

    Specialty printing consumables are affected positively by incredible growth in the US computer, printing and graphics industries. The nature of consumables is changing with the up gradation of printers, photography systems and also due to arrival of latest techniques including laser printers. The new age laser and color inkjet printers require compatible printing consumables. Increased use of color printers in various printing applications is resulting in burgeoning demand for specialty printing products including color pigments, specialty substrates, colorants and adhesives for specialized applications.

    While these act as growth drivers, much of the market revenue increases is resulting from sale of toner cartridges that are quite expensive compared to ordinary digital inks. Toner cartridges find greater application in laser printers, which is experiencing a widening installation base in the home, office, and other consumer markets.

    The market for specialty toners is witnessing better gains in terms of growth compared to its traditional counterpart, specialty inks market. This is entirely the result of wider usage of laser printers in the commercial market along with enormous consumption of color toners that are high-end products. Meanwhile, the market for specialty inks will continue to grow on its edge in providing various ink types that help unique product differentiation. Their role in perfecting the security of important documents and related records will help maintain its reasonable rate of growth over the decade.

    Metallic inks are gaining recognition as an incredible ingredient in packaging cartons, decorative applications, greeting cards, and gift-wraps. They are exploring new dimensions of packaging by transforming the very way brochures are printed or cosmetics are packaged The US graphic designing industry has become more receptive to new imaginations and ideas followed by arrival of innovative substrates compatible with metallic inks, such as textiles, synthetic paper and a range of plastics. Pigment manufacturers also recognized the opportunities and innovated new products. A case in point is MetalFX that enables simultaneous creation of hundreds of metallic color shades on a five-color press, which became instantly popular with designers and printers.For more details about this research report, please visit http://www.strategyr.com/Specialty_Printing_Consumables_Market_Report.asp.