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 user 2008-03-07 at 2:41:43 pm Views: 127
  • #21479

    When you have some time, please check out our website for dealers and re-sellers:  http://www.SellMySurplus.com

    Please create a free account so you can view our current live inventory any time and check to see what we have in stock!

    Here’s how the website is designed to work:
    -    Create a new offer and name it whatever you want
    -    Browse our inventory and add the items you want to purchase to your offer
    -    View your active offer to adjust the quantities and prices of each item on your offer
    -    Add any comments to your offer (optional)
    -    Then Submit your offer so your rep can view it and respond to it

    *Please note:  In this industry of surplus ink & toner, prices change often.  This site is new and a lot of the “target prices” listed on the website need to be updated.  They are displayed simply as ball-park figures to give you an idea of a selling price.  This site is actually designed for you to have control of the prices.  When you submit your offer, you can enter whatever price you want to buy each item for.  Often times we will be able to sell an item for less than the listed target prices.  Occasionally there might be a target price that is actually too low and we may have to sell for more.  If we haven’t entered a target price on an item, it will display “make offer”.

    If you have any questions about the website, you can access the help section from the home page.  Also, feel free to contact me (Garrett) anytime.

    I look forward to doing some business!


    Garrett Douglas
    576 West 800 South
    Bountiful, UT  84010
    (801) 294-0080