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 user 2008-03-10 at 12:01:23 pm Views: 57
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    Recycling Program Helps Women In Latin America
    Donating is the idea behind an innovative recycling program at the University of North Texas“This about recycling to eradicate poverty and if we can make a difference in the lives of families and women and children around the world, that’s what we ought to be doing,” UNT President Dr. Gretchen M. Bataille said.

    By turning in old cell phones or ink cartridges, you can help women in Latin America get a small loan to start their own business.“In some cases, you are changing villages, because a lot of the women who are in our groups come from the same village, so you are changing the economics of the village,” The Chiapas Project’s Tricia Medrano Bridges said.From buying a chicken and selling the eggs to getting supplies to make textiles, the women use the money in many different ways.“This had been made by the women in Chiapas. The dolls are a way of showing you a bit of themselves. This is the way perhaps they dress for celebrations,” Bridges said.

    The program also helps keep phones and cartridges out of landfills.
    “It’s so easy to just spread the word and make a difference. It really does not take too much of your time,” UNT student and UNICEF President Marcelo A. Ostria said.You don’t have to be a student at UNT to participate in the program, that has a goal of taking in 1 million cell phones and helping to change lives.“Given that we are, you know, the Mean Green, green is just natural for us, so being a green campus will just fit into everything else we are doing,” Bataille said.Read about the Chiapas Project or the Recycle To Eradicate Poverty Program for yourself and get an envelope so you can mail in your cell | | Request Mailing Envelope: