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 user 2008-03-11 at 11:21:19 am Views: 78
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    New recycling programme demonstrates EpsonR’s Commitment To A Greener Future For Office Printing
    conscious printer manufacturer, Epson is extending its current
    collection programme by launching a toner cartridge Return&Recycle
    programme as part of its ongoing commitment to offer greener printing
    solutions to its customers. This new  toner cartridge return and
    recycling scheme will ensure users of all Epson laser printers are able
    to reduce their impact on the environment.Mark Karsey, Business Manager
    at Epson UK commented, “Epson has demonstrated a clear commitment to
    reducing its impact on the environment for many years now, and the new
    toner cartridge Return&Recycle programme is another example of our
    global focus on sustainability.”Epson has demonstrated a clear
    commitment to reducing its impact on the environment for many years
    now, and the new toner cartridge Return&Recycle programme” Mark
    Karsey, Epson“This new scheme complements our existing toner cartridge
    collection programme, in which we aim to take complete ownership of
    toner cartridge recycling on behalf of our customers; helping
    organisations to reduce landfill waste without any additional service
    cost or hassle for them.”

    The new programme caters for
    organisations of all sizes by offering two different options, both of
    which are free for the customer to use, in order to make the process as
    easy and efficient as possible.Large organisations can visit the Epson
    website to order a reusable branded recycle-box made from recycled
    materials, which can hold up to 30 laser toner cartridges. Empty toner
    cartridges are placed in the box, and once it is full, offices simply
    contact Epson via the Epson website and the recycle box will be
    collected. Smaller organisations can use a free-of-charge postal
    service; quickly downloading a barcode label from the Epson website
    then simply sticking it onto the toner box before posting. Epson takes
    care of all postage costs.Epson’s toner cartridges are manufactured
    using fully recyclable materials. The collected cartridges are 
    transported efficiently to the European recycling hub where the
    components are recycled, ensuring optimal re use of all the different
    materials.Mark Karsey continued, “Aside from reducing waste, the use of
    recycled materials can cut the energy required during the manufacturing
    process, reducing the carbon footprint of products that are
    manufactured from the cartridge materials in the future.”

    addition to the Return&Recycle programme, all Epson UK customers
    using the new AL-M2000 series laser printers are being offered an
    additional incentive to engage in the Return&Recycle programme.
    They can benefit from a significant discount on the retail price of
    AL-M2000 toner cartridges. The discounted cartridges contain a
    clearly-marked legal agreement on the packaging, meaning that once the
    seal of the product packaging is broken, the user has committed to
    return the cartridge into Epson’s recycling programme when empty. Those
    who do not wish to partake in the programme can still purchase
    non-discounted cartridges at the full retail price.Mark Karsey
    concluded “By providing a financial incentive for customers looking to
    recycle their cartridges, we are actively rewarding those users that
    share our ambition to reduce landfill waste.