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 user 2008-03-12 at 1:25:58 pm Views: 70
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    Kodak reports record Middle East sales in 2007
    Kodak, the world’s foremost imaging innovator reported that Middle East sales have soared in 2007, up a staggering 60% in digital cameras, taking it to the revered ‘top-three’ spot of most preferred brands in the category across major Middle East markets in just two years.Other contributors to midquarter growth were the award-winning Kodak digital picture frames which were difficult to keep up with due to extremely high demand, across the UAE.’Just four years ago, Kodak made known its global mission to move from traditional film to digital imaging. The team here has worked relentlessly towards this aim, alongside our business partners, and our efforts to date have paid off high dividends. Our vision as a complete digital imaging solutions provider fueled by technology breakthroughs, ease of use and intense price-accessibility, remain our key focus,’ said Arif Khan, Area Manager Kodak (Near East) Inc.Apart from digital cameras, the integrated Kodak profile of ‘capture-print-share’ includes professional quality home photo printers, instant photo kiosks and more recently, the much talked about digital frames which continue to enjoy a leadership position.

    The winning formula
    Not one to rest on their laurels, Kodak Near East has further mapped out a strategy for continued efforts to deliver top performing – affordable products faster, while continuing to widen its geography and share in each market.’At Kodak our motto is simple, bring consumers the best technology at the most affordable price points, and keep it in the simplest format possible. We do not claim to have the most sophisticated cameras, we claim to have the most sophisticated technology that works the simplest,’ added Khan.’Kodak technology promises high time-of-play. While technology promises many things to consumers, treating consumers as individuals is what we continue to focus on. The burden of proof is that the product whether a digital camera or digital frame, makes sense to the lifestyle demands at the time when it is needed, and remains so. Our focus remains not only performance technology, but just as importantly, ease of use.’From WiFi enabled digital frames, to lab quality home photo printers and phone-cam photo printers, the added value of Kodak EasyShare software, and Plug and Play formats, remain core to the Kodak business model to ensure that consumers secure the greatest ‘time of play’ reducing set up, re-takes or clumsy manipulation or worse still, inadequate delivery on promise.

    What’s next in Middle East for Kodak:
    Identifying the diverse market segments in the region, Kodak said that it continues to review market segments individually to establish patterns and ensure products on shelf are what is needed and gets there sooner. In addition, Kodak continues to work diligently with local distributors for enhanced value offerings that merge into consumer demands at various seasons.’The ME region has unique characteristics and we have given exclusive attention to the photo capturing, sharing and printing needs of the Middle East consumers. Today we have over 900 Kodak Express photo labs and are the largest network of photo labs servicing the imaging needs of the Middle East consumers. The highly awaited Kodak Ink Jet printer will arrive soon to this region by promising better quality with half the cost of ink and revolutionizing the way of printing,’ added Khan.

    Kodak software: Ease of use
    Kodak EasyShare digital cameras and picture frames along with the inkjet printer have been receiving great reviews globally and have shown a remarkable presence in the digital imaging solutions sector in the Middle East. Both experts and consumers have continuously voted Kodak EasyShare software as the number one consumer friendly software for digital imaging. Whether for capturing, sharing or printing images, Kodak’s Easyshare software is the backbone of Kodak products and promises the complete solution to imaging in the easiest interface available.

    Kodak also enjoys pole position amongst the branded digital frames segment. Kodak was early in introducing the digital picture frame to this market and enjoys the consumer confidence by incorporating the latest imaging technology together with innovative features. Kodak has the widest range of digital frames today with sizes varying from 5.6′, 7′, 8′ and 10′. Some of the frames also come with the WiFi connectivity option.

    Kodak, who inspired the digital photography revolution, today produces its own line up of award-winning ‘best in category’ digital cameras putting cutting edge technology in the hands of general consumers, with more accessible pricing and wider array of compatible offerings, in particular its professional finish, at-home photo printer dock-stations, digital picture frames, digital batteries and photo kiosks.