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 user 2008-03-12 at 1:29:45 pm Views: 52
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    Russia: printer market wakes up
    2008,   The market value of printing and copying devices has grown by
    20% in Russia over 2007. According to IDC, 5.3 mln devices have been
    sold for $1.2 bln. Analysts say investments into IT and activities of
    home users, who replaced their inkjet printers with multifunctional
    devices, provided the impetus for the market growth. The average market
    growth is expected to amount to 8% in the coming five years.After an
    insignificant slowdown (by 3%) in 2006, the market of printing and
    copying devices (printers, copiers, multifunctional devices) showed
    steady growth in 2007. According to IDC, 5.3 mln devices were sold,
    which is a 20% increase as compared to 2006. The positive dynamics is
    approved by the conclusion made by IDC analysts in 2006 that in 2007
    the Russian market of printers, copiers and multifunctional devices
    will not get saturated. In money terms the market volume grew by $1.2
    bln (a 2% growth).

    IDC top-three consists of HP, Canon, and
    Epson (from highest to lowest market share). The given companies
    together with Samsung and Xerox supervise more than 90% of shipment in
    terms of units and more than 80% in money terms.IDC believes the major
    impetus to the market growth in 2007 was provided by investment of
    large companies and governmental institutions into IT. Furthermore, in
    2007 laser devices were actively bought and inkjet printers were
    replaced by multifunctional devices.

    The Russian market of printing and copying devices grew by 20% in 2007
    mentioned factors influenced not only the growth but the structure of
    shipments, specialists highlight. Thus, shipments of first level model
    were growing especially fast in the segment of laser-based devices,
    shipments of color printing devices having grown by 90% (in terms of
    units).A shift in demand towards multifunctional devices recorded by
    IDC earlier continued in 2007. The given market segment grew 1.5 fold
    over the year, its value reaching 2.4 mln devices.According to the
    specialists of ITResearch, the sales volume of printers and
    multifunctional devices to end users reached about 5.3 mln devices (a
    7% growth). ‘However, the given market was not developing uniformly, -
    says Vladislav Mironos, ITResearch leading expert. – Printers have
    recently dominated the given market, but following the results of 2007
    multifunctional devices have gained momentum and in 2008 they are
    likely to surpass one functional printers. By 2007 results, the sales
    of printers reduced by 10% and reached 2.9 mln devices. On the contrary
    multifunctional devices grew by 38% reaching 2.4 mln devices,
    ITResearch points out.‘Due to growing popularity of multifunctional
    devices both with home and corporate users in 2008 multifunctional
    devices are sure to dominated not only in terms of money but unites’, -
    says Alexander Goloshapov, IDC senior analyst. He expects the average
    annual growth rate of the Russian market of periphery devices to reach
    8% in the coming five years.