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 user 2008-03-27 at 4:03:30 pm Views: 69
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    The Go Green Brand Print Cartridge Is Here
    PORTLAND, Ore., March , 2008 — Office Support Systems, an innovative distributor of technology solutions located in Wilsonville, Oregon, has released the “Go Green Brand(TM)” Toner Cartridge (http://www.gogreenbrand.com). For every cartridge purchased OSS donates one dollar to americanforests.org, which in turn plants one tree. “How cool is that?” asks company CEO Tony Veal.Veal started OSS with $200 dollars and a phone book out of his home in Los Angeles in 1993 before he moved his family to the Pacific Northwest in 1996. On March 12th, 2006, Veal suffered a major stroke, losing movement on his whole left side. After 10 months he came to full recovery.Brainstorming one day, Veal stopped and asked God a question: “God, you saved me from being paralyzed and debilitated, gave me back all my strength and mental faculties. Am I here to sell toner cartridges?”Tony then picked up his notepad where he sketched all his ideas and goals and simply wrote the word GREEN. He started to draw leaves on the vertical lines of the letters and thereby created the logo visible today at http://www.gogreenbrand.com.He concluded that yes, he is here to sell toner cartridges — but also with a purpose of making the world a greener place by planting trees.

    Press contact:

    Tony Veal