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 user 2008-03-31 at 10:31:31 am Views: 55
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    Epson To Release Nickel-Free Printer
    Epson has made a breakthrough entry into the sign and display market with the launch of the Stylus Pro GS6000, a 64-inch eight colour photo quality printer that usues UltraChrome GS, a new solvent-based ink.The UltraChrome GS ink is nickel-free and has fewer harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds) than other solvent based inks. Prints made with UltraChrome GS ink are virtually odourless, eliminating the need for expensive ventilation and air purification systems to protect the operators.

    The colour accuracy is made possible by the addition of orange and green inks which significantly expand the gamut beyond the colour range of both 4 and 6 colour ink sets. Important corporate colours and ultra-vibrant images not previously seen from a solvent based printer can now be reproduced with the UltraChrome GS ink.The Stylus Pro GS6000 is equipped with a newly developed Dual-Array Micro-Piezo print head with 360 nozzles per colour for extremely fast print speeds producing variable sized ink droplets between 3.7 and 20 picolitres, depending on speed and quality options selected.Unlike other solvent printers on the market which require daily maintenance, the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 has been designed to further reduce maintenance down time. The Advanced Cleaning System built into the GS6000 maintains optimum performance of both the ink and print head, reducing the need for daily maintenance when the printer is in constant use.

    The Stylus Pro GS6000 has high capacity – 950ml – ink cartridges, efficient media handling capabilities, and no special dryers are required for printing.
    The  UltraChrome GS ink also accommodates a wide range of leading solvent media for a vast array of commercial printing applications, including indoor and outdoor banners, billboards, construction and barricade signs, retail point-of-sale display’s and photographic tradeshow graphics, where high quality images and precise, accurate colour is essential.
    Print speeds;
    o Up to 25 sqm/hour in banner-quality, draft mode.
    o Up to 15 sqm/hr in everyday production mode.
    o Up to 9 sqm/hour in photo quality, production mode.
    The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 will be available from selected authorised Epson professional graphics dealers in October 2008 at a price to be announced.