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 user 2008-04-01 at 11:49:50 am Views: 78
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    Fujifilm offers LoJack for tape
    Tape Tracker boosts security by wirelessly following removable media cartridges.
    Recording Media has launched Tape Tracker, a wireless tool to watch the
    whereabouts of sensitive removable media cartridges while they’re in
    transit – just in case they fall off the back off a truck.The system is
    based on technology from LoJack, a system which tracks everything from
    missing cars to laptops, via their partner SC-Integrity (SCI).

    Tracker will provide a similar service for cartridges, offering
    real-time monitoring and notification at a cost of $150 (£75) a month.
    At the moment, it’s only available in the US, with global availability
    at the end of the year.”The tremendous feedback we received from
    customers when we introduced this concept last year made it clear -
    there is a significant desire to maintain visibility and control over
    removable media during shipment from one location to another,” said
    Daniel Greenberg, new product manager for Fujifilm Recording Media.He
    added: “The Tape Tracker gives power back to the data managers to
    maintain a chain of custody for these assets as they move between data
    centre backup, vault or disaster recovery destinations.”The tracking
    cartridges are designed to look like any other tape media being
    transported. It uses geo-fencing from LoJack and SCI’s InTransit, which
    claims it is the largest law enforcement protocol and dispatch network
    in the business – and lets the SCI command centre dispatch the
    authorities to recover missing or stolen tapes.

    The associated
    web application offers online geo-mapping with satellite imagery. The
    system also allows for geo-fencing, perimeter exit notifications, and
    route discrepancy alerts, just in case the driver decides on a new
    route.”Data assets are well-protected in the data center and within a
    vault or duplicate operations center – but there has been no way to
    maintain continual chain of custody in real time. Now, with Tape
    Tracker combined with the LoJack-InTransit, there is and effective
    solution,” said Robert Furtado, chief executive of SC-Integrity. “If
    left unmonitored, backup, disaster recovery and archive data assets can
    become the Achilles heel to any business or an industry – particularly
    if the data is sensitive.”Tape Tracker isn’t just for tracking
    post-incident, the firms said, but can be used for reporting, allowing
    for refinements to security protocols and chain of custody for