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 user 2008-04-07 at 11:39:10 am Views: 53
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    HP and State of California Initiate
    Environmental Printing Program with Goal to Cut Greenhouse Gas
    Emissions by 500 Tons per Year

    Calif.–april 08 HP  today announced it has partnered with the State of
    California to implement a print cartridge recycling and environmental
    printing program throughout State agencies to reduce greenhouse gas
    emissions by 500 tons per year after full implementation.(1)The
    collaborative program couples print cartridge recycling with a unique
    rewards system that provides points toward upgrading printers to more
    efficient HP models. Piloted with the State Board of Equalization last
    year, the program begins with free return and recycling services for HP
    ink and toner cartridges through the HP Planet Partners program. If
    fully implemented statewide, the program would divert 100 tons of print
    cartridges from landfills annually.(2)Additionally, as State agencies
    purchase and recycle HP print cartridges, they earn points with the HP
    PurchasEdge rewards program that can be used to accelerate their
    replacement of older printers with newer, more energy-efficient HP
    models – saving the state as much as $2 million per year.(3) HP also
    will provide a new tracking and reporting process so each participating
    agency will receive reports on its contributions toward statewide
    environmental performance goals.“I’m very excited to announce this
    project and encourage every state agency and department to recognize
    the big impact small actions can have to reduce our environmental
    footprint,” said State and Consumer Services Secretary Rosario Marin.
    “Working together to find creative ways to reduce pollution and save
    money is the best model for a public-private partnership. We strive to
    be green, while saving lots of green.”Announced in tandem with the
    Green California Summit and Exposition, the program is now rolling out
    at the Department of General Services and will be available to all
    State agencies by the end of the year. Some agencies are already in the
    implementation planning process, including the Employment Development
    Department, State Treasurer’s Office and Air Resources Board.

    program aligns with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s executive order to
    reduce grid-based electricity use in State buildings by 20 percent by
    2015, and thereby reduce the associated greenhouse gas emissions. The
    collaboration with HP will create more opportunities for the State to
    upgrade to printers with energy-efficient technology and duplexing
    features that significantly reduce paper use and increase statewide
    energy savings.“HP is proud to work with California State agencies to
    continue building upon a shared commitment to environmental
    responsibility,” said Michael Hoffmann, senior vice president,
    Supplies, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “The initial success of this
    program highlights just one way HP can help customers reduce the
    environmental impact of printing while also decreasing
    costs.”Pre-addressed, postage paid, high-volume collection boxes placed
    at each State agency ensure an easy process for return and recycling.
    HP then tracks and documents the returns in accordance with the
    California State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign. These customized
    materials are provided by HP to the State free of charge.If all State
    agencies follow the lead of the State and Consumer Services Agency,
    Department of General Services and HP, the State of California is
    estimated to recycle as much as 100 tons of HP inkjet and LaserJet
    print cartridges per year.

    More information on this announcement is available in an online press kit at http://www.hp.com/go/californiapartnership.

    About HP
    focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers
    – from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio
    that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT
    infrastructure, HP is among the world’s largest IT companies, with
    revenue totaling $107.7 billion for the four fiscal quarters ended Jan.
    31, 2008. More information about HP is available at http://www.hp.com.

    Estimate based on conversion of outdated printers to newer,
    energy-saving HP printers. Greenhouse gas emissions expressed as carbon
    dioxide equivalents.
    (2) One hundred tons of print cartridges
    recycled annually are achieved only with full implementation of the
    print cartridge recycling program across all California State agencies.
    Figure is calculated with the combined savings from printing with HP
    high-capacity cartridges, points earned from HP PurchasEdge rewards
    program and energy and paper savings with more efficient HP printers.