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    Earth Day Recycling Drive puts money into local schools.
    Earth Day Recycling Drive puts money into Local Schools Sponsored by Cartridge World
    Idaho ~ Re-Cartridge-Cycle (RCC) is excited to announce an Empty
    Cartridge Recycling Drive taking place in local schools this April. The
    Recycling Drive will collect empty ink and laser printer cartridges,
    and will take place from April 2nd – April 22nd, in recognition of
    Earth Day on April 22nd. RCC hopes to encourage students in the
    Treasure Valley to take action on what they are learning about
    recycling.”Earth Day is a great opportunity for students to not only
    learn about the benefits of recycling, but to have an opportunity to
    act on what they are learning. We want students to really be excited
    about keeping recyclables, like printer cartridges, out of our
    landfills. It’s a great added incentive for students to earn money for
    their school and to have the opportunity to win a pizza party”, says
    program director Sarah Warnock.The Recycling Drive will pay schools for
    each cartridge that can be reused, and will reward an additional $500
    to the school that collects the most in those three weeks. The winning
    school will also receive a pizza party for the classroom that collects
    the most during the drive.

    Support your School!
    If you know
    your school is involved, drop off your empty printer, fax and copier
    cartridges during regular school hours – between the dates of April 2nd
    and April 22nd. Your school will be rewarded “Cash for your Trash”, and
    be that much closer to winning the additional $500 for much needed
    resources and school programs. They need your support!

    Is your School Involved?
    your school isn’t involved, it can be! Call or encourage them to call
    Re-Cartridge-Cycle (RCC) today at 208.378.9378 or email at
    recycle@cwidaho.com – to request Recycling Drive information and
    register their school to be involved. There is no cost to them, and RCC
    will do all the work to make sure they receive the recycle bin,
    posters, and information parents, staff and students need to make the
    Recycling Drive a success in their school.

    About Re-Cartridge-Cycle (RCC)
    is locally owned and operated Community Cartridge Recycling Program –
    that is currently a fundraiser for more than 70 schools and countless
    non-profits year round. How the community recycling program works:
    • Recycle bins are setup in local schools, churches, non-profits, and businesses
    •Contact RCC when your bin gets full and we’ll come by to empty it.
    cartridges are inventoried and a check is written to the designated
    school or non-profit organization.To turn your empty cartridges and
    used cell phones into cash for local schools and non-profits, contact
    RCC today at: 208.378.9378 or recycle@cwidaho.com.Return to Events List