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    International Laser Group Develops Recycling Program Supporting Business for Social Responsibility’s Environmental Mission

    LOS ANGELES– International Laser Group (ILG), a manufacturer of premium compatible inkjet and laser printer and fax cartridges, has developed a nationwide buyback recycling program enabling corporations to donate monies generated from cartridge recycling directly to the charity, cause or foundation of their choice. ILG is a sponsor of the Business for Social Responsibility Conference being held here this week, which brings corporate leaders together to explore and implement strategies for corporate social responsibility structures and management systems.

    Providing effective business recycling solutions is one way that corporations can take a more proactive approach toward better corporate citizenship. According to the Funding Factory, more than 300 million laser cartridges are thrown away every year, and each laser cartridge requires 3 1/3 quarts of oil to produce. ILG’s nationwide cartridge buyback recycling program allows companies to donate monies from recycled laser and inkjet cartridges to the cause of their choice, and also eliminates hazardous waste from the nation’s Landfills.

    “In seven years, enough used laser and inkjet cartridges will be added to landfills to be able to build a bridge to the moon!” said Gary Michaels, founder and CEO of ILG. “Businesses need to recycle their waste to be a part of the solution, and our program makes it easy and financially rewarding to do so.”

    ILG currently delivers cost-effective laser and inkjet cartridges to companies that have paper-intensive business processes and a need for volume printing, including government entities, law offices, realtors, school districts, insurance firms and title companies. In addition to recycling cartridges for charity, ILG also offers partners recycling incentive programs so they can save money while protecting the environment.

    ILG joins more than 50 prestigious companies that support the BSR conference to provide eco-friendly business solutions. For more information, visit http://www.bsr.org .

    For more information about ILG, visit http://www.ilgweb.com .

    About ILG

    Founded in 1989, ILG is a top ten category leader worldwide in the manufacture and sale of compatible, recyclable and environmentally conscious laser printer, inkjet and fax machine cartridges. In addition, we sell related business, computer equipment and perform nationwide service and repair. We make environmental concerns cost effective. We enable business to promote eco-friendly causes and social responsibility on a grand scale. We recycle used printer cartridges from our clients, which turns into additional client cost savings and cuts down on 140 million pounds of this hazardous waste being dumped into our landfills on an annual basis.

    SOURCE International Laser Group