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 user 2008-05-01 at 2:30:30 pm Views: 63
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    The ‘Father of the Inkjet’ to Assume Presidency of Seiko Epson
    2008,Seiko Epson Corp announced  that Managing Director Minoru Usui
    will be promoted to President of the company. The current president,
    Seiji Hanaoka, will assume the post of Chairman.Hanaoka says, “Mr Usui
    will have complete authority and I will be responsible for part of
    overseas operations.” According to Hanaoka, Usui, who will assume the
    presidency, is “the father of the Inkjet” and has been working for many
    years on the development of piezometric heads found in inkjet printers.
    The personnel proposal will be formally approved at the shareholders
    meeting scheduled on June 25 2008.

    As part of the personnel
    change, the President will be replaced in the final year of the
    company’s three-year medium-range business plan. Hanaoka explains the
    reason for the replacement as follows. “When I assumed the presidency,
    our two major businesses, the finished product business and electronic
    the device business, ceased to function properly. However, things
    started to improve. We are in the middle of the medium-range business
    plan, but now is the time to create a new domain identity. Usui, who
    has no equal when it comes to products and technologies, will be the
    most appropriate person for our goal.Expressing his resolution, future
    President Usui, said, “We would like to focus on piezometric head
    technologies, projectors, crystal oscillators, organic ELs and
    high-precision processing technologies. Our products are slightly
    biased toward consumer products. We would like to further expand our
    business in the fields of business and industry. Seiko Epson has been
    growing on its unique technologies. It excels in technological
    development as well as in manufacturing. We will continue to grow on
    ‘unique technology and unique manufacturing’.”

    Mr Usui, born
    April 22 1955, is 53 years old. After graduating from the University of
    Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, he worked for a company related to ships
    for six months before joining Shinshu Seiki Co (now Seiko Epson Corp)
    in November 1979. He became Director in June 2002 and assumed the
    current post of Managing Director in October 2007. His motto is “Search
    for the Ultimate,” which refers to the pursuit of the ultimate
    technology.”Usui was approached by Hanaoka in March 2008 regarding the
    promotion to President. “It was a bolt out of the blue,” says Usui. “I
    am still 53. Part of me wanted to remain in the post of Chief Director
    of Production Technology Development a little longer,” he confessed.