sell toners and inks

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sell toners and inks

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    Summit Enterprise Pte., Ltd . Established in 1997, Summit Enterprise is one of the leading manufacturers in Asia of high quality computer printer consumables. Summit Enterprise has rapidly expanded in the last few years to become a truly international company, marketing its products worldwide, including U.S.A., Germany, England, South America, as well as many other countries.

        Summit Enterprises has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Computer inkjet cartridges, Ribbons, Ink refills, Photo Paper, Laser cartridges and Toners in Asia. Our constant objective is to remain at the forefront in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of quality Computer Print consumables.

       “Always to be at the cutting-edge of the latest printing technology … Always keep developing and improving’.These are the constant goals of Summit Enterprise. ISO9000 Quality Approval System . 
        In order to maintain constant and uniform quality, Summit strictly uses only high quality imported materials. Our R&D, manufacturing equipment and quality control meet all the latest international standards. Summit employs professional technicians and with quality and uniformity in mind, Summit operates and adheres strictly according to the international ISO9000 Quality Approval System. In short this means to achieve international advanced level at the aspect of quality management.
         With the motto of” Keep following the printing technology, Keep developing and Keep improving,” Summit will do its utmost to provide the best products to its user everywhere.

    Welcome to our website:

    Buyers who interest in our products pls contact