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 user 2008-05-28 at 3:43:45 pm Views: 73
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    HP introduces breakthrough technology for inkjet and laser printers
    the HP PrintWatch Live! event in Singapore today, the Palo Alto company
    introduced its new ink and toner solutions which promise better output.
    Whether you are a home user who prints more documents or a professional
    graphics artist who demands quality, HP is offering a choice for
    everyone. Also seen at the event was its new ColorLok paper, just
    launched in Asia Pacific. This new media offers brighter color and
    reduced drying time.

    Ink Cartridge
    A comparison of an image
    printed without and with Dual Drop Volume; the one of the left is from
    a normal cartridge while the right shows a smoother picture using the
    new technology.For inkjets, the ink cartridge works hardest when making
    a print. Most of the time, it is one of the single most important
    component in a printer. When printing a photo, the ink nozzles squeeze
    out microscopic drops of ink and sets these on the paper. So the
    quality of a photo from an inkbox is dependent on how fine the droplets
    are spread out.

    HP is introducing Dual Drop Volume in some of
    its new cartridges. This technology puts four times more nozzles on the
    printhead. And as there are now more ink droplets on the paper, the
    image will have better color transition, resulting in a more
    professional-looking photo. Charles Dupuy, senior scientist of HP’s
    R&D Inkjet Design department, said the smoothness (in terms of
    color) of a photo printed on a three-ink printer with Dual Drop Volume
    is “comparable, or similar-looking to a photo from a six-ink printer”.
    But he was quick to address that the color gamut produced from a
    six-ink printer will be higher than that of a three-ink.

    Wicks, cartridge R&D engineer of the LaserJet Supplies R&D
    Engineering department, showcased to us the latest evolution of the
    ColorSphere toner solution. First introduced in 2005, it is into its
    second generation.

    The spherical shape of ColorSphere toner particles gives them a fluid-like trait.
    common stereotype of a toner is “just something that prints”, Wicks
    commented. But her demonstration gave us an insight to the printing
    process in a laser printer. The ColorSphere toner particles are
    spherical and identical in size, thus they flow and pack together more
    efficiently. This gives an illusion of it being “more fluid than
    water”, as she unveiled a transparent tube with ColorSphere in it.On
    print, there is a 30 percent improvement in gloss level, which produces
    deeper and richer-looking colors. The color gamut has also been bumped
    up by 10 percent from the first generation of ColorSphere, and this
    gives a more realistic-looking color tone.Entry-level color laser
    printers like the CP1518ni are utilizing the second generation of
    ColorSphere. From what we saw, the photo printouts did display a wider
    color gamut and hues were more vibrant compared with the previous
    ColorSphere and other third-party toners.

    PaperHP states that
    ColorLok will produce 30 percent brighter colors and dries nine times
    faster.Two years ago, the ColorLok paper was introduced in the US and
    Europe. Now, HP has decided to launch the media in Asia Pacific as it
    thinks the time is right as consumers are getting more tech-savvy and
    receptive to using better media.The typical ink droplet usually seeps
    into the paper, which takes longer to dry. As a result, the hues may
    not be as vibrant. But on media that has been treated with ColorLok,
    the ink sits on the surface of the paper. According to Dennis McComb,
    director of Business Development, the output will have 30 percent
    brighter colors and the ink will dry nine times faster to prevent
    smudging. The black level will also be bolder by 60 percent and achieve
    the same quality from a laser printer.McComb also commented that
    ColorLok paper will work with printers from other manufacturers as
    well, such as Epson and Kodak, as it is not ink dependant. This is
    great for consumers who are using other printers and can enjoy the
    benefits of ColorLok for their printouts.HP Everyday Paper with
    ColorLok is retailing for S$5 per ream, which is only slightly more
    expensive than the usual paper, but still highly affordable. It is
    currently available at selected retail stores in Asia.