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    Enters the Next Frontier at National Dealer Meeting with New Products,
    Services, and Technologies That Boost Dealer Opportunities

    Fla., May  2008 —-Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America
    (SIICA) today opened its 2008 National Dealer meeting in Orlando with a
    number of new introductions aimed at presenting its dealers with new
    business opportunities and moving both Sharp and its dealers into the
    next frontier of opportunity. Sharp is debuting a groundbreaking line
    of A4 MFPs and printers with a unique, broad set of features,
    functionality and sleek appearance that will make them the hub of
    today’s workspace. Sharp will also introduce the next evolution of the
    Sharp OSA platform and surrounding programs, which will help dealers
    and developers realize new business opportunities.Sharp opened the
    meeting by taking a look back at the last 5 years of dealer meetings.
    The company highlighted the revolutionary products and technology
    innovations that had been introduced at previous dealer meetings -
    products that have gone on to win numerous awards and critical acclaim;
    and innovations that have changed the face of the market. The company
    then took a deeper look at one of those market changing technologies,
    the Sharp OSA platform, with a diverse panel of customers, including
    Stewart Information Services Corporation, The Biltmore Hotel, Plumbers
    Supply, Corp., and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, who are running
    their businesses more efficiently thanks to customized solutions made
    possible by Sharp OSA technology.”The theme of this year’s National
    Dealer Meeting is ‘The Next Frontier’ because, as we’ve done for the
    past 5 years, Sharp will be taking its dealers – and the industry – to
    new levels. We’re creating new services based on the successful Sharp
    OSA platform, launching game-changing new products built from Sharp’s
    proven architecture, and even introducing a bold new look that will
    emanate through our product line,” said Ed McLaughlin, President, Sharp
    Imaging and Information Company of America. “We’re looking forward to
    bringing these advancements to our dealer community to help them create
    the next frontier of opportunity – bringing the MFP into the center of
    the workspace.”

    New Business Workgroup A4 MFP and Printer Line
    the unveiling of a new line of A4 MFPs and printers – its largest line
    of multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) and printers ever – Sharp is
    providing A3 performance in a sleek A4 footprint, leveraging its
    heritage in enterprise solutions to offer features and functionality
    not available in any other line in this class.Sharp employs a global
    product development process in which management, business development,
    R&D, product development, marketing, manufacturing, training and
    customer service teams all work collaboratively during each stage of
    the product development process. This gives Sharp a 360-degree view of
    the MFP market, allowing the company to form a common platform strategy
    in which the core components of Sharp’s product line are designed,
    developed and manufactured together. Components, software and processes
    are engineered to be shared across engine platforms, making Sharp’s
    award-winning products “look and act” similarly across virtually all
    segments of the market. This makes Sharp workgroup MFPs and printers
    easier to operate, maintain, and sell.The new A4 lineup, which will
    include 18 color and monochrome MFP and printer models in a wide range
    of Segment 3 and 4 speeds, leverages this proven formula. For example,
    the new MFPs use the same next generation multi-tasking MFP controller
    technology as other Sharp product offerings. In addition, all MFP
    models in the series will support the new 3rd generation of the Sharp
    OSA development platform, turning them into a gateway for
    document-based business communications by integrating the devices with
    network-based applications.The new line boasts advanced remote access
    and device management capabilities. A new printer administration
    utility (PAU version 5.0) incorporates a Remote Front Panel feature
    that allows an IT administrator to remotely take control of the
    device’s front panel, giving them the ability to see exactly what the
    end user is seeing. The IT administrator can remotely change settings,
    show the user how to perform a function, or diagnose and often rectify
    problems without deploying a technician to the device. To gain enhanced
    levels of support, the IT administrator can also grant the service
    provider permission to perform this function directly from their
    dealership. This unique MFP capability dramatically reduces unit
    downtime and service expenses.All models feature Sharp’s award-winning
    network security suite that can be enhanced through data security kits
    encrypting document data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
    encryption and secure data erase, which overwrites the hard drive up to
    seven times.Sharp has enhanced its new line with a bold new look that
    complements today’s office environment. Featuring a stylish, textural
    exterior with chrome accents, the new Sharp MFP line offers appealing
    aesthetics in a compact design. The new MFP models also feature
    brilliant Sharp displays: an 8.5 inch (diagonal) WVGA Color Touch panel
    with thumbnail previewing for easy navigation in IT-oriented workflow
    intensive environments; each speed is also available with a 4.3 inch
    (diagonal) Advanced Super View (ASV) color LCD display providing easy
    navigation for non-workflow, price-sensitive applications. This new
    look will be adopted for future Sharp MFP and printer lines.

    New Second Generation Color Workgroup A3 Series
    is also introducing new second-generation color workgroup series MFPs,
    designed to offer businesses affordable, high-quality color combined
    with new innovative features to streamline document workflow. These
    second-generation models raise the bar on performance with a faster
    microprocessor and enhanced paper handling to offer speeds of 26ppm
    (MX-2600N) and 31ppm (MX-3100N). The units will support the new Sharp
    OSA version 3.0 development platform, and feature the same advanced
    remote access and device management capabilities as Sharp’s new A4
    series MFPs.To leverage these advanced capabilities, the MX-2600N and
    MX-3100N also come standard with a host of features designed to make
    the MFP user experience closer to that of a workstation experience. The
    new models include an 8.5″ diagonal color LCD that supports
    high-resolution graphics and FLASH video, which enhances the walk-up
    capabilities of the device. They are also one of the only MFPs in the
    industry to offer a standard built-in, retractable keyboard, which will
    allow users to easily perform advanced keyboard entry tasks right at
    the MFP.

    Sharp’s new color workgroup series also boast the following features:
    – New on-screen image preview feature
    – Gigabit Ethernet
    – Full IPV6 support
    – Full Microsoft(R: 72.77, -0.49, -0.66%) Vista(TM: 98.75, +0.96, +0.98%) support
    – XPS file format printing and network scanning option

    Enhancements to Sharp OSA Platform and Business Model
    is also announcing the expansion of its Sharp OSA(TM: 98.75, +0.96,
    +0.98%) development platform to introduce new opportunities for dealers
    to drive growth by bringing the point of customization closer to
    customers. This expansion includes new programs and products that will
    streamline development of Sharp OSA-enabled solutions and will enable
    dealers and developers to realize even more benefits of Sharp OSA
    technology.Sharp will establish the Sharp OSA Authorized Dealer Program
    (ADP: 42.69, +0.19, +0.44%), whereby dealers who meet certain standards
    of dedicated internal resources assigned to sustain the sales/support
    of the Sharp OSA business model, and commit to bringing a select number
    of Sharp OSA developer software applications in house gain access to
    best of breed software and enhanced support.Sharp OSA Authorized Dealer
    Program members will have exclusive access to a Software Library of
    Sharp OSA applets – or single-function applications targeted towards
    the legal, medical, finance, and education markets. These applets will
    be developed by Sharp Business Systems integration (SBSi) Group, a unit
    of Sharp Business Systems dedicated to developing custom Sharp
    OSA-enabled solutions. Sharp will create products from the applets
    found to be successful in the market by Sharp Business Systems. These
    “best of breed” applets will then be made available to Sharp OSA ADP
    members. Using these applets will enable ADP members to provide proven
    Sharp OSA-enabled solutions to a broader set of customers.In addition
    to program enhancements, Sharp has improved Sharp OSA technology,
    introducing Sharp OSA version 3.0. The newest version of Sharp OSA
    technology leverages the widescreen display, USB port and integrated
    keyboard available on the new generation of Sharp MFPs. Developers will
    appreciate the flexibility, allowing them to further enhance the user
    experience at the MFP. They will be able to create user interfaces that
    provide easier viewing and navigation through enhanced controls, as
    well as playback flash clips. Users will find that this, especially
    when coupled with an optional integrated keyboard, will make accessing
    integrated applications from the MFP a similar experience to accessing
    them from a workstation, minimizing steps and time to complete tasks as
    well as training needs.Sharp OSA version 3.0 also features Open USB
    capability, allowing developers to provide a broader range of access
    control. For example, the ability to log in via a card swipe and the
    ability to authenticate via Chip/Smart Card (CCID), all without having
    to embed specific device drivers on the MFP. In addition, existing
    Sharp OSA enabled customers will find that all current Sharp OSA 2.0
    applications will retain the same look and operation on Sharp OSA 3.0
    enabled MFPs, which are backward compatible with applications developed
    on previous Sharp OSA platforms.McLaughlin underscored the company’s
    dedication to innovation and service, saying, “Sharp OSA Technology has
    changed the way businesses think of the MFP, turning it from a
    multifunctional peripheral into a multifunctional portal for business
    communications. With the enhancements to our technology and our
    program, we expect even more of our dealers to leverage this technology
    to create tailored business solutions to their customers.”

    About Sharp OSA Technology
    OSA technology creates a truly customizable MFP designed to meet
    virtually any business need. This development platform turns an MFP
    into a gateway for document-based business communications by
    integrating the device with network-based applications. It allows
    businesses to connect their MFPs with a wide range of enterprise
    applications, including document management applications, reporting
    functions and programs developed internally. For example, businesses
    can use Sharp OSA technology to create an application that allows users
    to scan an invoice on an MFP and transfer that invoice into an
    accounting software package instantly without user intervention at the
    desktop. For faster deployments and easier development, Sharp OSA
    technology uses industry-standard protocols such as XML and SOAP.Sharp
    OSA 3.0 capabilities will be available on all new Sharp MFPs. For more
    information about the complete line of Sharp document products and
    integrated applications, contact Sharp Imaging and Information Company
    of America, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J. 07495-1163, or call 800-BE-SHARP.
    For online product information, visit Sharp’s website at
    or Electronics Corporation is the U.S.
    subsidiary of Japan’s Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of
    one-of-a-kind home entertainment products, appliances, networked
    multifunctional office solutions, solar energy solutions and mobile
    communication and information tools. Leading brands include AQUOS(R:
    72.77, -0.49, -0.66%) Liquid Crystal Televisions, 1-Bit(TM: 98.75,
    +0.96, +0.98%) digital audio products, SharpVision(R: 72.77, -0.49,
    -0.66%) projection products, Insight(R: 72.77, -0.49, -0.66%) Microwave
    Drawer(R: 72.77, -0.49, -0.66%) appliances, and Notevision(R: 72.77,
    -0.49, -0.66%) multimedia projectors. For more information visit Sharp
    Electronics Corporation at