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 user 2008-06-10 at 11:23:26 am Views: 88
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    HP blasts counterfeit refill cartridges
    PC and printer maker Hewlett-Packard has said 60 percent of the refill
    products used in printers across East Africa are not genuine — a
    situation that is impacting sales heavily.

    HP East Africa made
    the revelation as the company rolled out printing technology targeting
    the multi-million dollar regional graphic arts market.Charles
    Munyororo, the HP general manager for the imaging and printing group
    for English-speaking Africa, said the products most affected are laser
    and ink cartridges used in printing machines, of which he says only 30
    percent to 40 percent are genuine.”These fake and counterfeits are
    finding their way into the regional market through Asia.He acknowledged
    that counterfeiting is a global business with sales in billions of
    shillings a year. It affects suppliers and manufacturers and also
    interferes with the customer’s ability to buy genuine products with
    superior quality.”We at HP, therefore, have the duty to inform our
    customers that by using genuine toner or cartridge, they will have a
    better return on their investment by the purchase of HP printers,
    because it lasts longer and you are sure it will give you better
    quality every time,” said Munyororo.

    The company is currently
    introducing graphic arts products, which will improve speeds and the
    cost of digital printing in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. The
    regional roll-out is part of a worldwide release to support HP’s Print
    2.0 Strategy, designed to capture more digital pages from the analog
    print market to enable customers to take advantage of new market
    segments and business opportunities.”The new products range from
    high-speed inkjets, offset and photo-quality liquid
    electrophotographic, and large-format printing,” said Walter de Meyer,
    the HP Graphics GTM lead for English-speaking Africa.The new products
    include a high-speed, 30-inch inkjet platform for the high-volume
    production of books, direct marketing materials and newspapers and a
    latex printing technology that offers an environmentally responsible
    large-format printing alternative. The company will also market its HP
    smartstream digital workflow portfolio, which offers customers greater
    flexibility with specific solutions to address a broad range of market
    segments and application needs.