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 user 2008-06-24 at 3:54:42 pm Views: 94
  • #20192
    Canon have recently released two new photocopiers: the irC3080(i) and irC3580(i)
    have recently released two new photocopiers: the irC3080(i) and
    irC3580(i), with features such as Wi-Fi, e-maintenance and high
    security options, could this mean it’s time to say goodbye to the
    simple photocopier as we know it and welcome the new age of office

    Now that colour photocopiers can be run much more
    efficiently than a few years ago, an increasing amount of businesses
    are investing in colour machines that can print and copy, instead of
    running two separate devices. New Canon photocopiers have features
    which will bring colour photocopying and printing costs down further.
    Auto Colour Sensing in these new Canon photocopiers automatically
    detects which documents contain colour, and then prints accordingly,
    helping to keep costs down. The Canon irC3080 photocopier range
    incorporates copying, printing, scanning and faxing all in one machine.
    This means work places no longer need a separate machine for different
    tasks. These new Canon photocopiers also have an option of using a
    document feeder, which allows documents to be scanned, then instantly
    forwarded to mail-boxes, folders or email addresses, reducing paper use.

    Canon photocopiers are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning that they can be internet
    and network connected without cables. Considering a few years ago
    photocopiers were simple devices just used for copying sheets of paper,
    technology has advanced fairly quickly. New technology advances not
    only mean that documents can be found and sent directly from a
    photocopier but, as these new Canon photocopiers are not limited by
    cables, they may be positioned anywhere, a particularly useful feature
    for small or open plan offices.

    Advanced security available for
    the new Canon photocopiers allows, not only for password or login set
    ups for sensitive documents, but will also allow fingerprint
    recognition. This means sensitive documents stored electronically, will
    only be accessed by appropriate employees. Using passwords or logins is
    also very helpful in tracking where most printing and copying is coming
    from. The new Canon irC3080 photocopiers incorporate ID management,
    allowing monitoring of print use within the work place, tracking, not
    only where prints are coming from, but what is being printed. In an age
    where everyone should be looking at their own environmental impact,
    perhaps using photocopiers less frequently, this feature is
    particularly useful as it allows setting up of departmental print
    quotas. This has potential for forcing employees to think more
    carefully about what they are printing, meaning less paper is wasted
    from unnecessary printing.

    Technology in office machines has
    reached an impressive level and the new Canon irC3080 range of
    photocopiers is an example of what you can expect from a modern device.
    Perhaps this spells a change in the way we use photocopiers, which
    could lead to an end of having several separate devices in each work
    place, instead replacing them with one, all-encompassing machine.
    Features of the new Canon photocopiers make you wonder what new office
    technology will be like in another ten years. The new Canon
    photocopiers have the capability to store documents and send them
    electronically, so perhaps they are paving the way for a future with
    much less paper use.