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 user 2008-07-03 at 2:23:34 pm Views: 103
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    Subject: Being brave does not mean that you are not sometimes afraid.
    First the opinion, and then the news:
    brave does not mean that you are not sometimes afraid.Never have I
    received so much response to an email missive than the last one, which
    bemoaned the sad state of affairs we all must endure.  Our parents and
    grandparents worked hard and succeeded and so can we.  The bigger the
    challenge, the greater should be our determination. Sure it’s a crappy
    market, but we’re still in the game, chomping at the bit, ready to go. 
    It’s not over until we give up. When times are quiet, we can either
    stand up taller and reinvigorate ourselves, or we can wilt.  What do
    you choose?

    This morning I left the house and had just
    finished locking the door behind me, when I realized that I had
    forgotten something inside.  When I reopened the door and went inside,
    my dog, Sonny, was jumping and tail-wagging with excitement as if I had
    been gone all day.  Sometimes we can all be a bit like Sonny.  We get
    so involved with our day to day issues that we forget that we live in a
    cyclical economy.  When things are trending down, we forget that it
    will come back, as it always has.  When we are busy and things are
    trending up, we forget that that too will change.We do all we can to
    cut the expenses and streamline our process, but there has come a point
    at which we have to make serious and sober choices.  After having have
    retrenched and recharged, with clear eyes and focused determination, we
    rededicate ourselves to drawing on our courage and good name to carry
    forward through the anxious times. I know of few industries that have
    been unbruised by the economy. It is the brave and the proud that stand
    against the wind.  So, with the strength of our reputation,
    conservative financial position, and eager anticipation, we reaffirm
    ourselves to carry on– aggressively, honestly, and humbly.

    your chin up.  Be focused, and remember that the measure of character
    is not getting over the tough times, but rather getting through them. 
    Feeling sorry for yourself changes nothing and negative affects
    everything around you.  Choose to be positive and optimistic.  Not
    Pollyanna, but brave and strong.In every downturn there is always
    someone who profits.  Consider this a buying opportunity.

    Solutions Company extends its continuous-forms laser printer portfolio
    with new entry-level models InfoPrint 100 and InfoPrint 75.  Finally
    something to offer clients in the middle market. The troublesome IP62
    can now be replaced without moving up into huge machines or down to
    “toy” machines.  Haven’t seen prices yet, as it isn’t due until fall
    2008, but I suspect it to be aggressive, as InfoPrint Solutions has
    been very focused on market share growth.

    –Approximately 1,200
    IBM employees will join InfoPrint?s professional services team around
    the world, as agreed during the establishment of the joint venture,
    which is exciting because the highly regarded IBM on-site service
    personnel are now directly dispatched and focused on your printing

    –IBM announces an addition to the 4247 line of
    industrial dot matrix forms printers: 4247-X03. 800cps.  The new units
    replace the -003 and V03 models and offer some minor tweaks and are now
    black instead of beige.  The shape is odd and maybe familiar to those
    whom have bought machines from other vendors who had used the same
    Compuprint engines.  You may also want to consider the Printek or Tally
    –Special Promotion: Buy a new IBM High Speed – up to 135
    pages per minute – Cut Sheet 2707 Family (2190, 2210, 2235) and you can
    get IBM 9×5 Next Day On-Site Repair for THREE years for only $ 1,650
    plus 0.0057 per impression. That is no typo! Boy, if this isn’t proof
    of aggressive marketing, I don’t know what is.

    Solutions Company extends its cutsheet solutions portfolio with the
    high-speed InfoPrint EMP156 printer.  Up to 156 duplex
    impressions-per-minute.Breaks new ground in speed and cost-effective
    printing for cut sheet middle market.

    –New InfoPrint Color 1767
    models offer twice the number of input drawers of current models. These
    new models feature twice the number of input drawers of current models.
    Each new model offers 2,180 sheets of input capacity. Duplex printing
    standard. Finisher and Booklet Finisher options available.

    InfoPrint Color 1764 MFP was named BERTL’s Best 2008 honors: Best User
    Friendly Color Printer Range; InfoPrint Color 1764 was named Best Color
    Workgroup Printer; and InfoPrint Color 1769 and InfoPrint Color 1759
    MFP were named Best User Friendly Workgroup Family.

    International Inc.’s X560n color laser MFP has earned a Spring 2008
    “Pick of the Year” award from Buyers Laboratory Inc. The Lexmark X560n
    was selected for its ease-of-use, good feedback to end-user
    workstations and comprehensive management utilities.  It also offers
    the highest toner yields of competitive products tested, which
    contributes to further improved productivity and an attractive cost per

    –BERTL’s Best 2008 honors: Lexmark C500n: Best A4
    Toner-Based Small Office/Workgroup Color Laser Printer. Best
    User-Friendly Color Printer Range: Lexmark C780n, C780dn and C780dtn,
    while the Lexmark C782dtn was awarded Best Color Workgroup Printer. 
    X940e and X945e were named Best User-Friendly Workgroup Family which
    “feature an exceptionally easy-to-use, large color touch screen with
    large, easy-to-read text that is arguably the easiest touch screen to
    use among touch screens evaluated by BERTL.” They feature Lexmark’s
    award-winning e-Task color touchscreen interface, which can be
    customized to simplify complicated processes at the touch of an icon.
    This interface drives Lexmark’s industry-specific workflow solutions,
    which are designed to help customers print less and save more.

    for a Replacement for discontinued Code Rangers?  Try a PrintekMobile
    Label Printer for 30-days – at no cost! Cognitive announced the
    discontinuation of the Code Ranger and its accessories, effective March
    28, 2008.

    –NEW Internal IPDS/Ethernet option for the PRINTEK
    FormsPro, FormsMaster, and PrintMaster printer models. IPDS/Ethernet
    (Part# 91781) Drop-In replacement for IBM 4247 series printers

    David T. Mendelson
    Argecy Computer Corporation
    27280 Haggerty Road C21
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331
    248-324-1800 x122
    248-324-1900 fax