WHO IS ………TonerForAutism.Com ?

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WHO IS ………TonerForAutism.Com ?

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     TonerForAutism.com Strives to Fund Autism Research Through Online Sales
    OAK PARK, Mich.,Oak Park, Michigan-based Image One owners, Joel
    Pearlman and Rob Dube have launched a new website, TonerForAutism.com,
    dedicated to raising awareness and funding for autism. Through the sale
    of toner and ink, the site has an established goal of raising
    $1,000,000 by contributing five percent of each sale to organizations
    that support autism-related research and issues.  Founder Rob Dube made
    the de-commoditizing the toner and ink market, TonerForAutism.com has
    developed an inspiring charitable model that allows customers to
    support education, research and build awareness of autism, a disorder
    that affects one in 150 individuals. Much more than an online retail
    outlet, TonerForAutism.comgives people the opportunity to use their
    purchasing power to make a statement. With an easy-to-use interface,
    the site combines a point-and-clickfunctionality with a broad range of
    options for purchasing virtually any brand of ink and toner such as HP,
    Canon and Epson. The site allows individuals to choose which charity
    they wish to support through their purchase, whether it is a national
    or local autism-related support organization.

    Partners for over
    15 years in Image One, Pearlman and Dube have an established history
    assisting companies in simplifying their printing process by decreasing
    costs and increasing productivity. When TonerForAutism.com CEO
    Pearlman’s daughter, Danielle, was first diagnosed with autism when she
    was just 20 months old, the two men were inspired to re-direct their
    energies toward raising both funds and awareness in support of
    autism-related organizations. TonerForAutism.com combines Pearlman and
    Dube’s printing industry experience with their passion for promoting a
    cause that inspires them both personally and professionally.

    Park, Michigan-based TonerForAutism.com is a website that sells ink and
    toner nationally, while contributing a percentage of every sale to
    organizations that support autism-related research and issues.  Founded
    by Joel Pearlman and Rob Dube, the site is dedicated to raising
    awareness and has established a goal of donating at least $1,000,000 to
    autism-related organizations. Much more than an online resource, that
    site creates an opportunity for a refreshing new take on corporate and
    social responsibility, and gives people the freedom to use their
    purchasing power to make a statement. For more information, please
    visit TonerForAutism.com. SOURCE  TonerForAutism.com