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    Making the Grade with Cartridge World
    World’s Fastest Growing Ink and Toner Refilling Retailer Offers Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Buying New Cartridges
    EMERYVILLE, Calif. – The new school year is fast approaching and so too is the time to stock up on pencils, notebooks, backpacks and printer ink cartridges. While back to school expenses can get costly, Cartridge World, the world’s fastest growing ink and toner refilling retailer, is offering a more affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative for students to stay “ahead of the curve” when it comes to ink cartridges.

    With nearly 650 retail locations nationwide, Cartridge World is encouraging back-to-schoolers to refill their existing ink cartridges rather than throw them away or buy brand new ones. Customers can bring their empty ink and toner cartridges into a local store and have each refilled or swap out their cartridge for one that is ready to go. All Cartridge World products come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee on quality and students and consumer save substantially over buying new name brand cartridges.

    “When students are heading back to school, we want to encourage them to prepare for the year the green way by refilling their cartridges instead of buying new,” said Joy James, Senior Vice President of Cartridge World. “This is the ultimate form of environmental responsibility, not only recycling but reusing cartridges.”

    Refilling ink cartridges also helps students learn the importance of reusing and recycling to protect the environment. In North America alone, more than 350 million cartridges are discarded in landfills, and that number increases by 12 percent annually. Switching to remanufactured cartridges not only keeps them out of the landfills, but also reduces carbon emissions by an estimated one million pounds per year and conserves half a gallon of oil for each laser cartridge that is reused and recycled.

    This “back to school” season, many Cartridge World stores are also demonstrating their commitment to the community with the “Recycle Rewards” program. The program encourages educational and philanthropic organizations to raise money and save the environment by collecting empty printer cartridges. Participating stores will provide local groups with recycle bins, as well as the resources to run a successful recycle drive. Upon completion of the drive, Cartridge World will pick up the empty cartridges and write the organization a check. Interested groups should contact their local Cartridge World stores to see if the program is available in their communities.

    “Cartridge World is not just selling environmentally friendly products, we are determined to educate the community about our services and assist them in their fundraising efforts, as well,” James added. “We pride ourselves on providing the best, environmentally-friendly alternative and value the time and efforts put into enriching future generations.”For more information call (888) 99-REFILL or visit