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 user 2008-08-12 at 11:37:33 am Views: 57
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    Image Microsystems Gives Old Ink Cartridges another Chance
    August  2008 Image Microsystems is a Texas based company that specializes in remanufacturing computers and ink cartridges. The firm is committed to recycling these products and making the world a greener and more efficient place.“Probably fifteen to twenty million pieces of ink cartridges did not go to landfill because of this process,” said CEO Alex Abadi.“Our impact that we’re trying to make sure that we understand is to recover every bit of plastic that comes into this possibly where we can remanufacture it,” company VP Jim Rollins added.In addition to the company’s green efforts, it also provides work experience for students and alumni from the Texas School for the Deaf. The workers prepare ink cartridges for recycling.

    In a recent article, company employee John Davis talked about the positive impact the workers are making.“I think this is a lot,” Davis said. “Recycling, I think it needs to continue and it’s a part of our future that we always have to consider, absolutely.”Unlike many re-manufacturers, Image Microsystems is intent on using every last bit of the ink and toner cartridges they receive. Every single part of old ink cartridges is removed and separated into appropriate lots.

    Aside from remanufactured cartridges, the company also designs and sells its only line of stepping stones made from the recycled plastics.“We have put some design in it,” Abadi said. “We have different type of stones so it’s user-friendly.”For more information on ink cartridge recycling and green stepping stones, visit Image Mircosystems at imagemicro.com