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 user 2003-11-21 at 12:30:00 pm Views: 87
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    IBM Expands IT Asset Recovery Solutions to Small, Medium Businesses

    IBM announced an expansion of its Asset Recovery Solutions, services providing small and medium businesses with a cost-effective, environmentally responsible and easier way to deal with information technology systems and printers they no longer need.

    IBM Asset Recovery Solutions is designed to give more options to a wide set of customers with unwanted IBM and non-IBM IT assets, while also helping them comply with new electronic waste and information privacy laws.

    “With the expansion of IBM Asset Recovery Solutions, businesses of any size can benefit from IBM’s innovative remarketing services and maximize the value of their unwanted IT assets,” says William J. Smith III, general manager, IBM Global Financing, Americas. “If the IT is not remarketable, IBM will work with the customer to identify a disposal option that makes sense. More than 20 years of experience worldwide in the asset recovery business has given IBM great insight and understanding of the used IT marketplace as well as the infrastructure to help customers maximize the value of their IT assets.”

    The offerings for small and medium businesses through IBM Asset Recovery Solutions include:

    Cash for IT – IBM Global Financing will purchase surplus or obsolete IT based on its fair market value and absorb any inventory risk during the resale; Asset Disposal – For a small fee, items without recoverable value will be disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines and meet U.S., federal, state and local laws;

    Data Overwrite – Customer are responsible for removing all company data from systems before sending any assets to IBM. However, customers can take advantage of an optional disk sanitization and cleansing service to ensure proper overwrite of data. Hard file data is cleansed with a three-times overwrite process so that data is virtually impossible to recover. The option meets U.S. Department of Defense 5220- 22-m 3-pass standards; IBM also offers pickup and shipping services for a fee.

    Obsolete IT is a growing problem in the United States and around the world. IT industry analyst firm IDC estimates that most corporations store older computer equipment for up to three years at a cost of about $360 per machine. And then they may pay an additional $218 for its eventual disposal. In 2002, the number of obsolete PCs outnumbered the number of new PCs entering the market by about 3.4 million. And according to the National Safety Council, more than 315 million computers will have to be recycled or disposed of by next year.

    Built on IBM’s foundation of more than 20 years experience in IT asset recovery and previously offered to large customers as Asset Disposition & Support Services, IBM Asset Recovery Solutions provide a quick, cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses – even one-person companies – with a surplus of PC servers, notebooks, desktop PCs, laser printers and monitors. Customers make one phone call to receive a quote from IBM. If the assets are remarketable, IBM pays for the IT equipment. But if the assets have no remarketing value, customers may pay as little as $25 per item.