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 user 2008-08-15 at 2:34:17 pm Views: 73
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    Everyone Prints Black … Now We Can Print ‘Green’
    Maine company offers first soy-based toner cartridges for offices and schools
    STANDISH, Maine, PRC Technologies, a division of
    Print Recovery Concepts Inc., announced today an environmental breakthrough in
    printing for offices, public schools and colleges.  This summer, PRC will
    offer the first laser printer cartridges using toner powder derived from
    soybeans.  PRC reports they will supply cartridges for the most popular laser
    printers under the SoyPrint brand at prices comparable to brand name versions
    currently available.  Soy ink has been available for some time but this is the
    first soy toner cartridge for laser printers.

    Debe Overhaug, president of Print Recovery Concepts, reports a printer
    cartridge contains one pound of toner powder and that U.S. businesses,
    schools, institutions and governments consume over 100 million cartridges per
    year.  “That means the United States consumes as much as 50,000 tons of
    petroleum-based toner powder each year.  Now every office employee can help
    reduce dependence on oil every time they put a toner cartridge in their
    printer,” Overhaug says.

    PRC has completed months of extensive testing and reports the print
    quality and number of pages per cartridge match brand name versions.  Overhaug
    also noted soy toner does not harm the printers.  SoyPrint cartridges are
    manufactured in the U.S. and will be shipped from warehouses all over the

    “Any office can print in a ‘green’ manner,” Overhaug said.  She advised
    that an office can use high quality, compatible soy-based toner cartridges,
    recycled paper and, when a printer gets old, donate it to a public school
    during tight budget times.  Empty toner cartridges should be carefully

    SoyPrint cartridges will be easy to identify as each will be marked with
    SoyPrint labels.  PRC refers its customers to recycled paper suppliers,
    recycles all empty cartridges and arranges for businesses to donate unneeded
    printers instead of discarding them.

    “As we developed this soy cartridge, we realized if we looked at the
    entire printing process, any office can significantly reduce the environmental
    impact on our planet,” Overhaug said.  “This is truly the most environmentally
    sustainable way to print.”

    Print Recovery Concepts, Inc. has been a leading provider of compatible
    toner cartridges to business and education for 15 years. The firm recognized
    the potential for soy toner in 2006.  PRC is pleased to bring this
    environmentally friendly product to market.

    For more information, visit http://www.soyprint.net.