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    Parts Now! Will Enter the Xerox Printer Parts Market
    By Increasing the Availability of Xerox Parts and Solutions, Parts Now! Will Help Service Companies Remain Competitive
    MIDDLETON, Wis.—Xerox®, a dominant player in the copier industry, is rapidly becoming one of the three top makers of color business printers in the U.S. As more Xerox printers enter the market, this evolution marks a growth opportunity for service dealers who repair printers. But these dealers face a challenge: a closed distribution system means a limited supply of parts. In an effort to help service organizations capture new business and drive more revenue, Parts Now! will stock and sell Xerox parts.

    “The innovative Xerox color technology produces documents that rival the leaders in the color printer market. As the market continues the transition to color, Xerox is well-positioned to be a major player,” said Jason Jensen, Vice President of Business Development. “For service dealers to stay competitive, they will need to service Xerox equipment.”

    Xerox differs from traditional printer manufacturers like Hewlett Packard and Lexmark, in that they have a closed parts distribution system. Parts Now!, the leading solutions provider in the field of business printing, is using its nearly two decades of expertise to source, stock and ship the most-needed spare printer parts for Xerox. In fact, Parts Now! got its start in 1989, a time when the service market faced similar limitations sourcing parts for Hewlett Packard, the market leader in laser printers. Today, Parts Now! is the largest supplier of OEM parts for Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, and Canon.

    Parts are one void in the marketplace. The other is the lack of technical support. Xerox uses solid ink technology engineering, which differs substantially from the dominant players’ toner cartridge approach. Very few organizations in the industry offer technical support to dealers moving into the Xerox market. Parts Now! plans to offer a complete solution with its Xerox launch by offering technical support, a quick reference guide, an expert Xerox sales team and also printer repair training for Xerox printers.

    Jensen said, “With only one call, service techs will be plugged into our tech support team, the people who are trained to solve just about any printer problem. Whether it’s servicing the Phaser 6250, the Phaser 860 or the DocuPrint N Series, every service organization, large or small, is going to experience some challenges supporting Xerox equipment. There’s a real opportunity in the marketplace and we’re pleased to provide a complete solution for our customers.”

    About Parts Now!
    Parts Now! LLC is the leading solutions provider in the field of business printing. The company offers expert technical support, real-world repair training and the industry’s only truly turnkey print management program. With annual sales of $97.8 million in 2007, it is the largest distributor of laser printer parts in North America. Parts Now! is proud to be an authorized distributor for Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Toshiba and Canon U.S.A. Inc. Visit for more information.