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 user 2008-08-21 at 4:57:35 pm Views: 57
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    Walgreens printer cartridge refill review! Bargain or frugee failure?
    Frugees, you may remember when in July I wrote how participating
    Walgreens, including the one at 408 E. Michigan St, now offer printer
    cartridge refills.Well, I went to that Walgreens and tried it out.
    Frankly, my initial excitement bubble has officially burst…The bane of
    those trying to live frugally is that sometimes you really do get what
    you pay for.

    I hate it when that happens.
    A week ago I took
    the empty color and black ink cartridges for my Dell printer to the
    Walgreens at 408 Michigan St in Orlando. I found out from a worker in
    the Photo Center, which handles the cartridge refilling, that I would
    actually have to drop them off, and that it would take 20 minutes to

    Twenty minutes to stick some ink back into a little plastic box?
    did not have time for that, so I dropped them off, and came back the
    next day. Despite a prominent yellow-and-black sign that says “24-hour”
    above the photo center, there was no one behind the desk, and I stood
    there waiting with a blonde thirty-something woman and an elderly
    woman, also in line. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Finally, I went
    hunting for a Walgreens employee. I found a woman in one of the aisles
    wearing a name tag, and asked here why there was no one in the 24-hour
    photo center.
    Her answer was something along the lines of, “Because I’m not there, silly!” That irritated me.

    So, I followed her back to the check out counter, and asked for my printer cartridges.
    was then told an elaborate story about how my cartridge malfunctioned,
    and that when they tried to fill it, it started spewing ink all over
    the place. Therefore, it could not be refilled.
    Oh no wait. That was
    someone else, said the Walgreens employee, who did not appear to be
    joking.My cartridge had a different problem. The black one refilled,
    but the color one “failed the electrical test.”Huh?!

    Walgreens photo centers conduct two tests on printer cartridges to
    refill them. In the first one, they read some circuitry on the outside
    of the cartridge, which I’m told is what my printer uses to determine
    how much ink is in the cartridge, and when it’s low.

    “failed” at that. So, I paid for the one they actually filled. Both of
    them were given back to me in prescription-looking cardboard
    containers. Each came with an attached $5 off coupon for photo
    finishing jobs more than $15, and an additional coupon to develop 25
    photos for free was attached to my receipt.

    Later, after
    pondering the incident, I decided to call the Photo Center. Just how
    often do printer cartridges “fail?” At least a couple times a day, an
    employee told me over the phone.
    So, bargain or a frugee failure? I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself.

    Until next time,
    Inspector Inexpensive