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 user 2008-10-02 at 12:54:16 pm Views: 446
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    SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECTSM Launches in 174 Sites Across 50 States
    Drives Held Across Samsung’s Facilities In The United States To Kick
    Off New Take-Back And Recycling Program For Consumer Electronics

    PARK, N.J., Oct  2008 — Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market
    leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today
    launched SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECTSM, its commitment to the take-back
    and recycling (TB&R) of Samsung consumer electronics across all of
    its product lines. Beginning today, consumers can bring their
    Samsung-branded consumer electronics sold in the United States to 174
    fixed drop-off locations across all 50 states for recycling for no fee.
    The program will also accept non-Samsung-branded consumer electronics
    for a nominal fee paid directly to the recycler upon delivery of the
    e-waste. Home appliances are currently being taken back in a growing
    number of locations.

    SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT was announced on
    September 3, 2008. Today, Samsung unveiled additional information on
    this program at Consumers who visit
    the site can learn about the program, find recycling collection sites
    in all 50 states, and read about upcoming recycling drives to be held
    in many locations throughout the U.S. In addition, Samsung hosted
    recycling events for thousands of its employees at seven of its
    campuses in the United States, including Ridgefield Park, NJ; Mt.
    Arlington, NJ; Rancho Dominquez, CA; Richardson, TX; Austin, TX; San
    Diego, CA; and San Jose, CA.”We invited our employees to participate in
    the launch of SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT by dropping off their consumer
    electronics at work, where we have collaborated with our respected
    recycling partners to accept retired electronics,” said DJ Oh,
    President and CEO, Samsung Electronics America. “Thousands of Samsung
    employees across the country demonstrated their shared commitment to
    the environment by recycling consumer electronics products, including
    mobile phones, televisions, cameras, VCRs, computers and monitors. We
    are truly inspired by this level of receptivity and participation.”As
    of today, Samsung has collected over 1.7 million pounds of consumer
    electronics through existing TB&R programs under Samsung’s control
    in certain states and its current 50-state initiatives for the TB&R
    of toner cartridges, mobile phones and office equipment. Today’s
    SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT kick-off expands the scope of products that
    are now being collected in all 50 states and the convenience for
    consumers to responsibly recycle their consumer electronics. The
    program got off to a fast start as Samsung employees added their
    consumer electronics to the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT total that will be
    processed and recycled responsibly by Samsung’s leading recycling
    partners. These partners are obligated under the program not to
    incinerate, send to solid waste landfill, or export toxic waste
    (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definition
    of hazardous electronic waste) to developing countries. Details about
    our standards for responsible recycling are available at
    On the website consumers can also
    find information regarding SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT including the
    ability to search by zip code to find a detailed map and list of fixed
    drop-off locations in their area, as well as information on future
    recycling drives sponsored by Samsung, its retail and business
    partners, and its respected recyclers. In addition, the SAMSUNG
    RECYCLING DIRECT web site will serve as an ongoing reporting tool to
    showcase the results of this program.

    “On September 3rd, 2008
    Samsung set a goal of securing at least one SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT
    location in each state by today’s launch. I am proud of Samsung’s
    progress in exceeding that goal and developing a 174 permanent site
    network, which we believe sets an industry precedent in making it easy
    and convenient for consumers to recycle their consumer electronics,”
    said Steven Cook, senior vice president and chief strategic marketing
    officer, Samsung Electronics America. “We are committed to providing a
    public record of our environmental progress, and are confident that we
    can raise the standards of consumer electronics recycling by working
    with an interdisciplinary Samsung team and a highly-qualified network
    of recycling partners, all of whom are governed by stringent standards
    & guidelines that ensure accountability, transparency and
    responsibility at every step along the way.”

    SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT provides four convenient ways for consumers to get involved:
    Fixed Drop-off Locations: SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT includes 174 static
    locations for participants to drop off consumer electronics in all 50
    states. These drop-off locations are maintained by our partners and
    include a growing number of sites that will also accept home
    appliances. A list of fixed collection points can be found at:
    2. Samsung- Sponsored Events: SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT
    sponsors recycling events in all 50 states. A list of Samsung-sponsored
    take-back and recycling events can be found at
    3. Samsung Drives with Retail and
    Business Partners: SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT participates in consumer
    electronics recycling drives sponsored by Samsung with our retail
    partners and other business partners across the country. A regularly
    updated list of special retail and partner recycling drives can be
    found at
    4. Non-Samsung-Sponsored
    Events: Consumers can recycle their Samsung-branded consumer
    electronics at pre-scheduled recycling drives sponsored by Samsung’s
    recycling partners. A regularly updated list of pre-scheduled recycling
    drives and non-Samsung sponsored events conducted by our recycling
    partners can be found at

    is proud of our history in providing innovative consumer electronics
    complemented by corporate initiatives designed to protect and preserve
    our natural resources. SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT is further evidence of
    our values and we are confident that it will serve as a catalyst that
    enables convenient, efficient and increased recycling of consumer
    electronics across the country,” concluded Mr. Oh.