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 user 2008-10-02 at 1:02:23 pm Views: 77
  • #20486,fedex-kinko%E2%80%99s-shuts-up-shop-in-australia.aspx
    FedEx Kinko’s shuts up shop in Australia

    Kinko’s is pulling out of Australia, with 11 stores across the nation
    set to close over the next few months, following a decision from its
    American parent company, FedEx Office, to scale back its global

    FedEx Office is cutting 650 jobs worldwide, as the
    company plans to shut FedEx Kinko’s stores in the USA, Australia, the
    Netherlands and Mexico. Australia has arguably been the hardest hit,
    with approximately 200 jobs set to go in the US, and 250 Australian
    jobs making up the 450 jobs likely to be cut outside the US. Likewise,
    17 stores in total will be closed outside the US, 11 of these in

    A formal date for these closures is yet to be set,
    though the company says it is aiming to have them all done by May 31st,
    the end of the US financial year.The company rejected the notion that
    the decision was made in light of this week’s stock market plunge which
    has signaled a global economic downturn.“It’s more related to the
    company’s financial performance and the priorities we’re aligning with
    going forward,” said Jenny Robertson, a spokesperson from FedEx
    Office’s headquarters in Dallas.“FedEx Office has been looking at its
    financial performance for a while, looking for ways to improve and set
    the company up for long-term success. We looked at the markets where we
    don’t have a large presence and found that our support costs were
    exceeding our revenue. So we made the difficult decision to close our
    centres overseas, and Australia was one of them.”

    claims the company didn’t take the decision lightly, and canvassed a
    variety of options before settling on a pull-out.“We looked at a lot of
    scenarios and realised that under our current business model it was not
    going to be viable without significant investments, and we’re not in a
    position to make significant investments right now.”

    roughly 250 employees on its books in Australia, the company says it is
    hoping to find positions for some of them in other areas of the FedEx
    corporation.“We’ll be working closely with them to make the transition
    as smooth as possible,” said Robertson.

    It’s likely that most of
    the closures will be staggered over the coming months, as the company
    assesses the matter on a store-by-store basis.“We’re working with the
    landlords to find out when leases are up and holding negotiations with
    them, so we’ll have a better idea when those negotiations are
    finished,” said Robertson.
    FedEx Office announces 200 U.S. layoffs
    Office, a division of FedEx Corp., announced Friday it’s laying off 200
    people nationwide — 100 of which are located in the company’s North
    Texas offices.

    Jenny Robertson, a spokesperson for FedEx Office,
    said the printing store operator initiated the cuts to increase the
    overall customer experience and increase the company’s long-term
    success. The impacted employees work at the company’s Galleria
    headquarters in Dallas and at its Plano office.

    Affected staff
    members were released Friday. Robertson said impacted employees will
    receive benefits for a few months, as well as severance packages.

    reductions are part of a companywide realignment, which also includes
    the closing of 20 to 21 stores nationwide. At the moment, FedEx Office
    is evaluating every store’s profitability to determine which locations
    will be closed.

    FedEx Office has 2,000 stores worldwide. As part
    of its strategic realignment, FedEx also is closing 17 locations in
    other countries. The move will essentially eliminate all FedEx Office
    stores in Mexico, Australia and the Netherlands.

    stressed the closings are related specifically to FedEx Office printing
    stores. FedEx’s shipping and mailing operations will not be impacted by
    the restructuring.

    Based in Memphis, FedEx Corp. provides a
    portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services through
    several divisions, including FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Office
    (formerly Kinkos) and FedEx Global Supply Chain Services. The company
    employs around 30,000 in Memphis.