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 user 2008-10-10 at 12:17:22 pm Views: 73
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    Konica Minolta Reorganizes Field Sales
    YORK As part of its shift from analog to digital products, Konica
    Minolta has reorganized its field sales organization into three groups,
    East, Central, and West regions.”As we transform the company to focus
    on our digital product portfolio, we need a sales organization that is
    responsive to our customers changing needs,” Sales and Service
    President Wayne Bell said in a statement.With an average of 20 years’
    tenure with Konica Minolta, the new regional sales managers are Craig
    Underwood (East), Pat Gear (Central) and Jerry Lewis (West).

    who has served on the New England Newspaper Operations Association
    board of directors, joined the company in 1989 as New England district
    manager and was promoted to district manager for the east. Before
    joining Konica Minolta he had several sales management positions with
    graphic arts hardware companies.

    Gear, who trained as an
    electrical engineer, has a career with Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging
    that spans 22 years, starting as a field-service engineer. He moved to
    sales in 1998, covering Oklahoma and North Texas, and was promoted to
    south district sales manager in 2001. A member of the Mid-America
    Newspaper Conference, he runs the conference charity golf tournament,
    which helps provide journalism scholarships at Pittsburg (Kan.) State

    Lewis joined the company in 1987 as a sales
    representative, responsible for the Pacific Northwest. He was promoted
    to district sales manager responsible for the 10 western states.
    Recognized several times for outstanding sales management, Lewis
    earlier was in production management and field-service engineering.