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 user 2008-10-14 at 12:06:57 pm Views: 54
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    HP goes to court over the price of ink
    said on Wednesday that it had filed a complaint in Germany against a
    manufacturer of DIY ink cartridges. The PC maker is claiming a
    violation of “HP ink patents”.Show related articlesAs well as
    manufacturing DIY kits, where the customer buys tubes of ink that are
    then injected into HP cartridges, Korean-based InkTec also makes clones
    of HP cartridges themselves. But HP has chosen to take action over the
    use of the ink itself, rather than the use of cartridge clones.HP said
    in a statement that the complaint was “for violation of HP patents for
    ink formulations”. Inks contained in the DIY refill cartridge kits “are
    claimed to violate HP ink patents”, the statement said.

    is a lot of work that goes into the ink itself,” a spokesman for HP
    said. “The type of ink use depends on the type of cartridge used and HP
    spends billions of dollars to get those ink formulations right.”
    Consequently, the company “does not take these infringements lightly”.
    To protect these patents, HP has filed the complaint through the court
    system in Germany where, the company said, the InkTec inks were found.

    the global leader in the supplies industry, HP has always been
    committed to honest and fair competition in every country in which we
    do business,” said Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president for HP’s
    supplies, imaging and printing group. “With more than 4,000 supplies
    patents, representing a deep heritage of innovation, research and
    development, HP will continue to vigorously defend intellectual
    property violations wherever and whenever they are discovered.”

    declined to offer any further details on the exact nature of the
    suit.InkTec manufactures a wide range of suppliers and cartridges for
    Brother, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Epson, Kodak, Lexmark, Philips, Samsung
    and Xerox printers, as well as HP.

    Typical InkTec prices are
    £8.99 for a 40ml HP black cartridge, and £12 for a 40ml colour
    cartridge. The company’s DIY black ink kits cost £8.91 for 3x40ml
    refill packs, and colour DIY kits cost £8.91 for 3x20ml refill packs.
    This compares to £18 and £21 for official HP black and colour